Day 3 Roncesvalles to Larrosoana 

Day 3 Roncesvalles to Kubiri

We had told Ghertrud that we would meet in the lobby at 7:30, and begin our day’s hike together with Sandra.  Who would have thought they would have Gregorian Chants piped through the Albergue to wake everyone at 6 (we needed to vacate by 8)… Dan, Sandra and I were ready to go at 7:00…and dear Gjertrud was defying the cacophony of sounds around her and still in bed!  We said a quick goodbye, and Sandra, Dan and I set off on our day’s adventure. 

 We met the trail with very few aches and pains (I think we’ll be sticking close to our personal Bowen therapist, Sandra!) the path was a glorious walk through mossy and dew covered woods…. The birdies were singing up a storm!! About 2 km down the road we ran into our first village, and my first Spanish breakfast!

Shortly after we left Roncesvalles, we decided to stop for breakfast in Burgette… Here’s a sample of my first Tortilla… Delish, and it kept me going for 4 hours of walking! 


After breakfast our walk took us through incredible woodland vistas… Lots of ups and downs… Another 180 floors equivalent and about 31 km!  The spring flowers and birds are in all their glory… Absolutely amazing.


We ventured into Kubiri at around 12:30, absolutely knackered, had a drink and some lunch and decided to push in to Larrosoana… Tired limbs, sore feet and I thought rather than trying to push to an Albergue that had many negative ratings, we’d push into a recommended hotel just past at a hamlet called Akerra…up another steep climb along the Camino route we went… Feet numb, spirits spent until we arrived at the doorstep of the hotel…. It was closed for today and tomorrow!!!! Back we went downhill to Larrosoana to hunt for what we thought might be a cattle shed at this late hour!!!

To our delight, the Albergue El Camino had a room for the three of us… Clean sheets, fluffy white towels… Ah the simple pleasures!!! After our luxurious showers in a shared bath, we headed into town so I could serve the much needed penance to Sandra and Dan ( did I mention we both had a full Bowen treatment before we left???) beers all round on me!!!!

Back at the Albergue, where we had booked our dinner, we were fed like kings!!! A huge, and much coveted salad, followed by a wonderful roast beef and fresh fruit and yogurt for dessert!!!! Oh yes, and the ubiquitous bottles of wine!!! Heaven after our strenuous day!

Tomorrow we plan to hit Pamplona by noonish, then onto Cesar Menor to a quaint Alberque!  A shorter walk, and NO running of the Bulls!  

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  1. Hope you are getting lots of water and not just wine! You will become more sore if you do not hydrate properly. We are loving the pictures!


  2. Love hearing of your days, thanks , will look forward to these posts


  3. Great read so far!


  4. Looks very exciting.


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