Day 8, Cape Croker to Hope Bay (backwards)

Today started off with an exceptional sunrise!  Fortunately one of us was actually awake to see it!

Such a beautiful location, but time to move on!  Today we were heading to our next campground at Hope Bay.  We drove to the parking spot just outside the Sydney Bay campsite , and left one car there.  We then drove on to the Hope Bay campgrounds where we were able to check in early (around 10) so we could simply leave one car here and start the hike back to the other car.

The campground is positioned at the base of Hope Bay, with a beautiful beach and glorious views!  Sorry, you have to look past the two mugging for photo ops!!!

Down the road about 1 k, we headed into the woods once again.  Very similar topography as other days…. Not as many crevices but more boulders!  Just before we turned onto the trail, we met a young man taking his 2 daughters  (2&4 years old) on a hike.  They told us they had done about 45 minutes into our trail just a few days ago…including climbing the steep ladders up the escarpment!  Well when I heard that, I had no excuse!!!  Here’s what the first 30 min gave us!

After this it was up and down undulating pathways through the woods.  Not a lot of poison ivy up here!  Just these baby birch trees, or are they sons of beeches!!!

Whatever they were, they were carpeting the forest floor!

While I thought the trail would have followed the escarpment edge, much like yesterday, it did more meandering through the forest, with a few short hikes that headed towards lookouts.  These gave us nice views of Hope Bay.

Back in the forest that paths were challenging at times.

And huge boulders, twice the size of Dan were found alongside the trail!

After a couple more lookouts…

…it was time to descend the escarpment. Probably one of our most challenging descents yet! It started with these steel stairs,

Then onto this rocky descent…

… Yes, there is a path through that!  And also this.

… And then it eased up to this!

Once at the bottom, we crossed an road and were soon walking on a boardwalk 900 m long built through a boggy area by the Chippiwa Nation ( today the right of way for the Bruce Trail was through their land.). This was a lovely reprieve from the rocky paths just minutes before!

By the time we got back to the car, we had walked 13-14 k, and I personally was exhausted!  We grabbed Dan’s car, did a little detour for gas, and headed back to the campsite to get set up!  Once the tent was up, we headed for the showers, and then onto the camp office where they have a) outdoor power outlets with patio seating  and b) ice cream!!!

Now that our devices are almost fully charged, it’s time to head back to camp and get supper on!  Oh yes, and perhaps a glass of wine or two will help my aching ankle!!! ( old sprain from last year’s camping adventure that has decided to act up!).

I hope everyone has a great evening!  Looking forward to chatting with you tomorrow.

Categories: Bruce Trail 2016 - A True Canadian Trek!


  1. Beautiful pictures from the sunrise to the stairs. My goodness, you have had a challenging day. Wow! You are doing so well – way to go you two. Thanks for sharing. I’m really enjoying your journey. Have a wonderful rest.


  2. Ice Cream – MMMMMM! You have earned it .


  3. I am loving this adventure…feel like I am in the wild with you both and definitely raise that glass of wine to cheer you both at the end of each day.


  4. Think you deserved the ice cream and wine too! Thanks for keeping in touch !


  5. Totally impressed that you are still going strong; think of you often on that challenging trail. Take good care xo


  6. love the wooded areas, but you sure have to keep your eyes on the ground…I’ve never seen so many gnarly tree stumps and rocks…the camping part looks serene and kind of fun ! One staircase would finish me off, let alone several……so proud of you ! Cathy


  7. Good for you. Looks challenging but beautiful!


  8. Definitely an enchanted forest and a beautiful sunrise! Are you able to tape up your ankle? Hope it settles down.


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