Day 1 Brockville to Oastler Lake Provincial Park

The day started early with packing up the food. Dry goods, clothing, tent, kayak, bedding etc were all packed the night before. We thought we were doing well, until we saw the volume of stuff still to be loaded into the car. Oh well, this journey is for up to 8 weeks, and possibly all 4 seasons so we are going prepared as we can! But you be the judge!

Yes, you can just see a sliver out the back window! Thanks goodness for back up cameras!
Bye bye home sweet home! Be good to all the people looking after you when we’re gone!

The journey today was lovely, and very familiar. We took a route that went north of Toronto through some gorgeous Canadian Shield territory. Rolling farmland in they south turned into a vista dotted with lakes. We saw a consistent haze in the sky, apparently from the forest fires in Western Canada!

Precambrian Shiel escorted us much of the second half of our drive!

Our drive today took us to just south of Parry Sound on Georgian Bay. The park where we are staying is a lovely Provincial Park on an inland lake just east of the Bay.

Dan checking us into the Park. Not the fanciest gatehouse we’ve seen, but it serves the purpose just fine

The campsite where we are staying is just for one night, and is a “walk-in” site which means we can’t have the car with us at the site. Lots of gear needed to be hauled a short distance just to get us set up for the night.

Yes, ladies and Gentlemen, we have a queen sized bed here! No 3/4 therarests on the ground for us this trip!
Our view from our vestibule. Ready to party rain or shine!
And a tent that Dan can fully stand in! Such luxury!

We opted not to bring the food boxes and stoves etc to the campsite as they would need to be cleaned and stored back in the car offsite after dinner. Tonight we head out to eat in Parry Sound! a real treat to start off the trip!

Looking forward to a nice meal and coming back for a nightcap before bed!

Tomorrow we’ll pack up and head to Pancake Bay which is north of Sault Ste Marie. 2 nights there will seem like a luxury. The good news is we’ve figured out how to get our new tent set up and should have everything moving like a well oiled machine when we set up next. For now I’ll sign off … hopefully will be able to update you all soon!

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  1. I am green with envy! You are off on a real adventure and I am looking forward to reading about it, every step of the way. Stay safe. Stay negative. Have fun. Take lots of pictures.


  2. Looking forward to following your adventures (in part to help us plan our trip next year). Safe journey! Glenn


  3. I can almost smell the pine trees ! looks like a wonderful adventure shaping up and I hope you can tour some USA sites on the way back. love the idea of a good dinner in town and not hauling out all the cooking gear. gives new meaning to ” skip the dishes ” ha ha !


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