Day 37, Kluane NP to Boya Lake Provincial Park, BC

We woke up to another perfect day!  Unfortunately, we had to leave just as the weather was turning clear and warmer.  We decided to forego making breakfast here for a quicker departure and breakfast in Haines Junction.  But one last stop at Kathleen Lake!

Kathleen Lake overlooking the King’s Throne

Once in Haines Junction we filled up with gas and I went it and got us coffee and a couple of smoked bison rolls for breakfast.  Hey, when in the Yukon…. At any rate they were hot and delish! ( hot was good as we had another very cold night!)

At that point we pointed our car towards Whitehorse after a quick stop at the visitors centre. Another quick stop in Whitehorse for gas, ice and some salad stuff and we were off. We headed south (more like east) on the Alaska highway towards Watson lake.

Heading towards Whitehorse.

About 30 kms before Watson Lake, we turned south on #37, the Stewart /Cassiar highway.  This would take us on the western loop through BC.  With a couple of camping nights planned on the Cassiar, we would then head west to Prince Rupert, the Pacific Ocean and fluffy white towels!

We had about 750 km in total today to drive.  The scenery was rich with mountains and fireweed lining the highway in luscious reds and pinks. Beautiful lakes and green green forests.

We took an opportunity to fill up with gas at the junction of the Alaska Hwy and #37, then headed the last 90-100 kms to Boya Lake Provincial Park.  This has been recommended to us by a number of people including the park ranger we met at the Arctic Circle, so we had to try to get there!

When we drove in around 6:30, we weren’t sure if we could get a site without a reservation, but sure enough there were plenty left.  While we didn’t get one with a lake view, we did have lake access.

The approach to Boya Lake
Compact site with a path through the woods to the water

We hurried to get the tent and bed set up and then to make supper.  The night was coming and we could feel the temperatures drop!  Given it was almost 8 by the time we finished our meal, there was really no time for a campfire before bed.  We focused on cleanup, and then repacking the car with as much as we could before getting ready for bed.  Tomorrow would be about 6 hours heading south on the Cassiar Hwy and we wanted to get to our campsite in time to set up and then do a run to Stewart, about 60 kms west, and the most northerly mainland town in BC on the Pacific.

Evening on Boya Lake

Enough talk, time for bed. I wrapped a couple of “hot shot” hand warmers in my socks and tucked them in my sleeping bag. Hopefully they would keep me warm! Until tomorrow, stay safe!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. My family and I are planning a trip across western Canada and I was curious about the stretch from Kluane down through western BC.


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