Bruce Trail – A Canadian Adventure!


The Bruce Trail is a trail found in the Province of Ontario and follows the Niagara Escarpment from the falls north until it dips into Georgian Bay in the Great Lakes.  The entire trail is over 1,000 KM long, but Dan and I decided we would do the northern most 300 – 350 km.  This part is filled with beauty and in our opinion is the best slice of the trail!

Because of it’s remote location, we decided to take 2 cars so we would not have to carry full camping gear, food and water.  Reprovisioning is tough up here, with some folks having to walk detours of up to 6 KM one way to get food.  With 2 cars, we could drive one to the end of our days trek and then take the other back to our beginning.  This allowed us to only carry food and water for the day, with camping gear etc left in the car.

We did a mix of camping and B and B stays…and were joined by friends at both the beginning , middle and end of our trek!  Hope you enjoy our story!

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