C2C2C 2021 – Exploring Canada

C2C2C – 40th Anniversary Tour of Canada

C2C2C – Exploring Canada

This is an adventure of a different sort! Dan and I have decided to explore this great country of ours ( and perhaps a little of our neighbours as well). It all started with a trip to the East coast where we visited our daughter and her family in April of this year (1st C). Once back home we put the finishing touches on our trip driving ( and car camping) west by northwest to Whitehorse where we pick up a small RV and drive the Dempster Highway to Tuktoyaktuk and the Arctic Ocean (2nd C). Once back in Whitehorse we plan to drive the pass into Skagway and travel along the Alaska Marine Highway by car ferry (3rd C) to Prince Rupert where we will begin our journey east by south east, hoping to explore some of the US National Parks along the northern states. Stay tuned, should be a fun ride!!!

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