The Himalayas – India, Nepal and Bhutan 2019

In a few short days we will be winging our way towards our next adventure. This years trip will begin in India in the Golden Triangle and wind its way between Nepal and Bhutan.

Join us on our adventure and see the sights; Taj Mahal, a tiger watch at Rathambore National Park and the Glorious Pink city of Jaipur where we’ll have a cooking lesson and eat dinner with a local family. In Nepal we will explore the Kathmandu valley, and then head over to Bhutan for 17 days to explore and experience the “Happiest” country on earth. Hike with us up to and beyond the Tiger’s Nest Monestary, and experience a Festival in Bumthang. We will end our adventure visiting jungles in Nepal, and then head up to Pokhara where we’ll head out on a sunrise trek to view Annapurna in all it’s glory!

I’ll try to post each day, but I will be at the mercy of wifi connections, so will post when I can! Hope you can join us!

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