The Walking begins – Day 1

We are ready to set out on our trip today, and hope that our months of preparation will enable us to cope with the challenges ahead.  Last evening we attended the mass at the pilgrim church in St Jean.  It was a lovely service, and I was deeply touched by the loving kindness that the priest showed to all the pilgrims.  At the end of the mass he called all the pilgrims to the front of the church for a blessing to send us on our way… He asked each of us where we were from (quite a range from Australia, Korea, Norway, Brazil and various EU countries) and he told us that the Camino did not end in Santiago, but extended around the world to our homelands.  It was very touching. His last word was: May Christ walk with your, may your God watch over you and may your faith carry you on your journey.”

 After the mass we had a light meal , and then Gjertrud, Dan and I headed back to our hotel for some Basque meringue and almond cake (to die for) and a glass of wine to toast our upcoming adventure.  Laundry is dry and packed and ready for morning, and lunches are prepped for the next 2 days.  With an early alarm we have time for a quick breakfast before we set out on our walk to Orisson.

It’s 8 am and we are at the hotel lobby waiting for it to open.  The day is overcast but our spirits are bright!  We will stop today half way up the mountain at Orisson…no wifi, so this will be my last post until the end of day 2, and across one mountain range… Wish us luck!

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  1. Such beautiful setting and beautiful blessing to send you on your way. We are with you in spirit on this journey.


  2. Loving this blog! Safe mountaineering!


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