Day 9, Viana to Navarette via Longrono

It’s amazing what sleeping in a simple room with only 2 beds can feel like the Taj Mahal!!  We popped down (4 flights of stairs with our back packs) and across the street to the main kitchen of the Albergue for breakfast, and to get the host to phone ahead to book our rooms for tonight… Only to find that they did not have any double rooms… We settled just to book our beds as it was May Day, and we were worried that this may bring out extra Spanish pilgrims walking over the long weekend! With Dan’s feet we are better to be safe than sorry!

Up through Viana we climbed one last time, through the town and on our way ( I only ask why it is that every medival village, town or city always seems to be on the town of a hill or mountain, and of course, “The Way” must always pass through the town centre!!)

Once through Viana, our trail wound down the hillside and and through a lush valley filled with vineyards on our way to the border with La Rioja region…we had our credential stamped by a older woman, Maria who has taken over the stand from her mother who did this until she was 98! At the bottom of the hill we were greeted with an allotment garden system on our right and the following on our left…

 At this point, we were entering Logrono, apparently the 3rd largest city along the Camino Frances… We walked up through the old town, visited the main church and then left the old town to have an early lunch and a bit of a sit after our first 10-12 k.


Once we left Logrono, we passed by a lovely park with a man made lake… Given the holiday the park was filled with families, and around the dam, people were fishing… It was definitely time for an ice cream stop… Dan’s feet were holding out very well, but I definitely needed a sugar stop… And Dan decided to join me to be polite!

Walking into Navarette it was vineyards in every direction!  But one of the most important signs was this!

Ok… For all you looking at the big bottle of wine, bring your eyes a little lower to the fine print on the billboard…only 576 km to Santiago!!! We have walked ( or at least I have walked) over 200 k!!! I think my feet need a well deserved soak!

As I said earlier, we had booked our rooms for the night and our biggest dread was bunk beds!  Well, we arrived at our Albergue and low and behold they had a room for 5, which we could take for ourselves!!! Heaven, no bunk beds!!! … And Dan gets to sleep with his harem of 3 women!!! But first, Sandra uses Dan as a demo for a self defence course… Don’t think he’ll be messing with Sandra anytime soon! Btw, she’s the wee lass to the right, and my money is on her against anyone!!!

Another lovely meal in a hotel not far away… Garlic stir fried Swiss Chard for a starter, followed by grilled lamb chops and chips and then cheesecake… With 2 pitchers of Rioja wine! ( now there was 4 of us!!) all for €12 per person!!

Walking back to the Albergue Dan’s feet are a little sensitive… We’ll have a look in the morning…

Well goodnight to all… Be speaking to you tomorrow!

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  1. Congratulations on the first 200 km!!! When you speak about the hills it reminded me of our discussions in Italy – why is the town always at the top of a huge hill? Glad Dan’s feet are feeling better; save those feet for the Whiskey Trail. Looks like you are having an amazing time. Love the posts


  2. Way to go on 200k! The top of the hill bit was due to defensible position in case of attack, you could see enemy coming for miles. Lessons learned from boys into medieval knights, fortresses, battles etc. 🙂


  3. Good to hear that Dan’s feet are better. Congrats on the 200 km milestone !


  4. BTW, when you get back maybe you could explain the dice?


  5. Glad to hear Dan’s feet are feeling better!!


  6. I am in awe!. The pics and stories are wonderful. I so admire you both on this wonderful journey you are making together. Can’t wait to meet up when you are home.


  7. 200KM??! That’s Toronto to Napanee!! Congrats!


  8. 200 km … that’s awesome Pat! What an incredible trip! Love the pictures and the updates, Glad to hear Dan’s feet are getting better!


  9. Wow, 200 kl….good stuff. Sending healing vibs Dan!


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