Day 24, Vilar de Masarife to Astorga

Oh what a beautiful day!  At least once we got underway at 6 am!! Before that, I woke up at 5:20… Turned off my alarm so as not to disturb the remaining 2 people in our room, noticing that one of them was reading on her phone ( now only 1 out of six potential people might be asleep) tiptoed to the loo, and returned to stuff my sleeping bag (like Dan and Lisa were doing)… Everything had been organized the night before, but there are always last minute things to assemble… And then we took our bags out of the room…at that point, the woman who had been reading her phone turned on the light… Her husband, jumped up and asked why she had done this ( in German) and she replied that hopefully it would hurry up these noisy people!!! Little did she know that Lisa is German and understood everything she said… Oh well, judging from the body language she was sending or the sole time at the Albergue, I don’t think anything would please her!  The morale of this story… Start everyday with love, spread it and Noli Illegitimi carborundum ( don’t let the bastards grind you down!!!)

Ok, so spirits undampened, we set off into the sunrise ( well actually when you travel west, the sun is at your back… But, whatever!)  Did I mention that a couple of us were still a little tired???

Of course, the first thing we hear is the cuckoo, reminding us once again that we are a little crazy!!! Soon the roosters joined in, and the morning birds filled out the chorus… It was glorious, even though a little chilly at 4C… Tough to dress for a day, with a daypack only that accommodates a temperature swing from 4-25C! But I’m not complaining, we’ve only had a couple of days that threatened rain so far… With either sun or high clouds we’ve been blessed with the weather!

After 10 k we did a quick stop for breakfast and coffee ( that’s a long wait for our first coffee of the day!!!) then on to Hospital De Orbigo with their lovely bridge!

  Lisa, who said you could use my camera!!!

Oh, she’s a sly one!!!

The day kept getting better until I saw this!  (Note: all the pilgrims on the road saw me doing my happy dance, but there and then I understood that on the 24th day of our Camino adventure God created joy!

Just imagine turning a corner and walking down a sun kissed hill to see this!!! As I’ve said before, everyday I see a poppy I feel joy… Today my heart overflowed!!!

The wonderful sights didn’t cease as we crossed furtile rolling hills and farmland: from new born cows to little creatures we seldom see back home!

As we neared Astorga, we could see the mountains in the background that we would be crossing over the next 2 days… Beautiful, but foreboding! ( and yes, that’s wild lavender in the foreground!)

But the hills would wait.. The beautiful town of Astorga was there to greet us with its pilgrim fountain and the interesting Gaudi Palacio Episcopal…


Lots more to tell, but must continue tomorrow!!!

Categories: Camino De Santiago


  1. I would have loved to see your happy dance! Great to see that after all these miles you and Dan are still lovebirds. Brings a smile to my face. I pray you continue being blessed every day of your trip.


  2. And I will looking tomorrow!
    love those fields of poppies


  3. Isn’t that the field where Dorothy and Toto fell asleep??


  4. Beautiful poppies and lavender. Ah the splendor in the simple pleasures. Maybe that’s some of what the walk is for.


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