Day 25, Astorga to Foncebadon

Our plan today was to push through to Foncebadon today, about 6-7 k past the recommended stop point, and an additional climb of  300 meters… What kind of fool planned this day!!! Ok ok, the good news is that it puts us within a half hour walk of the Cruz de Ferro, where we’ll plan to be a sunup tomorrow!

Today we left the lovely small city of Astorga… This is the intersection of the Camino Romano (Rome) and the Camino that originated in Seville.  St Francis of Assisi walked through this village in the 13th century when he made his pilgrimage. Beautiful centre within medieval walls… But, as I said it was time to say goodbye… Again to Sandra and Judith… But something tells me we’ll see them again!

We walked our first 5 k, and stopped for 7 am breakfast at a wonderful cafe!

Having had our fill of Cafe con Leche  and goodies we pushed off to the next village…and the next!


The landscaped changed dramatically today from furtile Meseta type endless fields to rolling hills and very different vegetation.  My last poppies I fear were on the outskirts of Astorga, but replacing them are many beautiful yellow, white and purple flowers…


 Other than the lavender, I have some research to do!! To top it off, there was a wonderful perfume from wild thyme that was growing everywhere.

Just before we reached Rabanal, we walked by a fence that was covered in crosses that had to have been decorated for 2 k… Very amazing, and by the lichens on some, it appears these have been there for many years… Quite a sight!

We stopped in Rabanal for lunch ( and a blog addendum from yesterday) and then it was time to breath deeply and tackle the last 6 k to Foncebadon!!! Time for superhero pose!!

The path was mainly dirt, with about 2 k of scree… Not nice at the end of the day, but the vistas and wild flowers were wonderful!

 By 2, we had arrived at our Albergue… Chosen mainly because it was private and we could book beds, and it had wifi!!! We are in a room with 12 others, but Dan and I actually got lower bunks!!! Yippee!!! Once we showered( now that’s an experience!!!) and hung up our laundry it was time for a limonade, ice cream, blogging and or a siesta… While enjoying this extraordinary day and view… Speaking of which, here are a couple of pilgrims walking by our place who are definitely not travelling light!!!

So, sitting here watching laundry dry, I’m afraid I’m not motivated enough to get out of my chair and explore this small town with a population of 10!  Although sitting here, you would find it quite amusing what you can do in abated here without getting thrown out!  I brought the hypodermic needle up, and emptied my blister on the back of my heel then proceeded to sterilize it with beta dyne… Next, I gave Dan a calf massage to try to keep the tendinitis he’s developing from getting any worse… After which he massaged my feet!!!

Lisa popped  out to the store to buy some fixings for her dinner and ran into Judith… I think we may see her at the cross tomorrow at sunrise… A hour ago a couple of men rode by on the most beautiful high spirited Andalusian horses… Who needs to go anywhere???  Now anyway… Dan has booked us into an Albergue in Foncebadon… And since we have a 1000 m descent tomorrow, we once again are sending our bags ahead!!! What a godsend! No bags, so I promise lots of pics!!!

Well, time to get ready for dinner ( eating in at the Albergue) and then pack up and early to bed… We have been carrying a rock from home ( one from our house, and one from Bob and Pat’s) which we will deposit at the bottom of it…this has been done for centuries and not only represents leaving worries, burdens or doubts behind, but also acts as a blessing for the rest of your way…

Until tomorrow….

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  1. Spectacular scenery in this post!! Rest up and heal that blister, mom!

    Ps – your superhero poses are getting more and more natural.



  2. Good luck with the descent tomorrow. Keep an eye on your footing!! Great to hear about the people you’re travelling with and the serendipitous reunions. Lionel approves of all this “dessert before dinner” business.


  3. Just getting caught up after a busy long weekend (which included Gwen getting her new car – looks just like the old one). Anyway, sounds like you are travelling through some interesting country and meeting some wonderful people; feel like I am getting to know them in absentia! Cheers, G&G


  4. Very interesting change in landscape as you progress. I hope those rocks weren’t too big. No wonder your packs were heavy!


  5. I’m wondering if your walking time is filled with chatter or do you have quiet times as well? Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? What song? Just curious.


    • So walking time has been usually 1-2 hours of chatter spread thru the day, and 4+ hours of walking and thinking… Sometimes we’re quiet together, sometimes we walk a few 100 meters apart… Talk times are at breaks with others we meet…yes, many songs… They usually go with the scenery or terrain… Oh what a beautiful morning, Sound of Music, sometimes the 23rd psalm, and sometimes drinking songs like Barett’s Privateers! The flowers you asked about yesterday are wild roses…


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