Day 4, Dunnotarr to Stonehaven via Aberdeen 

After a lovely stay at our B and B, we were excited to head off to Aberdeen Airport to pick up Ian and Suzanne.  Flights were on time, and in typical Suzanne fashion, we heard her before we saw her in Arrivals!  What a joyous reunion with our dear friends from Canada!

We decided that rather than visiting museums and what not in Aberdeen, we would take advantage of the lovely day we had ( mainly sunny and 15C) and get some lunch stuff and do some walking with a picnic lunch!

Of course, we all know there is only one way to embark on an adventure!!! Superheroes it was!!!

Up up up we climbed away from our little fishing village and up to the bluffs… We were heading back to Dunnotarr Castle, only from a different direction!

This quaint seaside village is lovely, as is the walk along the bluffs!


You can just see the silhouette of the castle in the far distance!  As we approached the castle the panoramas were wonderful!


We even ventured down to the seashore to do a bit of beach combing…


The North Sea can be nasty, as we saw yesterday, but today it was almost tame!… A beautiful day for a walk… And Lisa, you would have been proud of me… I was walking at pace and no stops other than for lunch!!!(no back pack either!!) While down at the seashore I found the perfect stone to represent all the love shared during this trip ….

So happy to have met such wonderful people while in Spain, experience the love and support from folks back home, and today, to celebrate the arrival of our great friends….

 A quick update on Alan and Lisa… They made it back to Finnesterre this pm, but poor Alan has suffered a setback with his knee… Here’s hoping he can continue with his planned walking… Back to Leon!!!

…. And of course, Lisa comes to the rescue of a poor donkey along the way!!! This is Lisa’s last day of walking… Tomorrow she takes the bus back to Santiago, and Friday she flys home to her family!!!

Tomorrow for us will be exciting… A drive through some beautiful highland scenery and ending in Dufftown, the heart of the Speyside Whisky Trail… Not sure it can beat Stonehaven… Home of big tides ( I’ve never seen a sail boat sitting on its keel…intentionally!)

Or this!

Malt Whisky distillers… You’ve got a lot to live up to!!!

Until tomorrow!

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  1. Still on a walking journey I see and obviously no worse for wear.


  2. No matter where you go in this world, there is beautiful vistas to behold. Love the pictures.


  3. Pat, are you still using your iphone to take pictures? The colours are very rich and I am impressed with the quality of the shots. Sorry to hear about Alan’s knee – a concern of my own as you know but nice to see he and Lisa made it to the sea! All the best, G&G


    • Yes… Still the iPhone for the blog… I sometimes use minor phone editing, but it’s all taken with the iPhone! I know you feel Alan’s pain!!! He’s still walking!!! Lisa is back in Santiago (by bus) and is flying home tomorrow!!!


  4. Wonderful! And when you get home, you might need to take a drive to the Bay of Fundy to observe those high tides as well. 🙂


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