Day 7 Dufftown to Elgin

after another lovely breakfast at Ferbank House, we hit the road and headed back into Dufftown to the Cost Saver ( a tiny grocery store) to buy some whisky… These were by far the best prices we have seen on the trail!  Even our guide at Macallan said so, but I get ahead of myself!!!

After our purchases we headed north to the Macallan Distillery… The Queen of the Speyside, and one of my personal favorites!  We arrived at 10:30 to learn that the tours were all booked up until the afternoon at 3… A quick team decision (I think they all read the disappointment in my eyes) and we decided to come back as we were only moving about 20 miles down the road today…

So off the Elgin we went, bought some goodies for a picnic lunch and then headed north to the beach at Lossiemouth!  Beautiful sandy beach, even though the temps were hovering around 15C

  And to borrow a page from Alan and Lise’s book we made this for all our family and friends at home and in their homes throughout the world!!!

 The beach was pretty wind swept… And the sand was blowing fiercely so we decided to take our picnic to a different locale … A nice little park in the centre of the village… But not before I saw and captured a picture of these!!!

 While there is plenty of gorse and Broome flowers here in the north… These are my first poppies  in the highlands…
After a quick visit to Johnstons of Elgin, a woolen and cashmere shop we headed off to Macallans… YEAH!!!!

  Best tour yet by far!!! Learned slot about what differentiates this great whiskey from many others… Very interesting…the most important thing is not to wake it whilst it sleeps!!!

 As always, one of the best parts of the tour is the tasting!

What a treat this was… We got to sample from the newly distilled spirits ( jet fuel!) to whisky from white oak, red oak, bourbon and sherry casks, 10,12 and 15 year old…. Mmmmmm!!!

So, when they finally rolled me into the car it was time to head off to our B and B for the night…a lovely Edwardian manor house just outside of Elgin…

A quick stop off to drop our bags, and we were off to a lovely  little seaside village called Findhorn for some of the best fish and chips we have had!!!
After dinner we walked back towards the car and were captured by this sight of Gods figures reaching down to bless our day!  And with that in mind, I hope you all have a pleasant evening!  Until tomorrow.

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