Day 6, Skinner’s Bluff from Range Rd to Bruce’s Caves

Our day started with the screeching of gulls and cawing of crows.  Quite a noisy bunch I must say!  Oh well, we had slept enough and had to pull up camp as we were heading to Wiarton for the next 2 nights.

After breakfast was finished, we packed up the cars and positioned my car at Bruce’s caves, and then back to the start to drop off Dan’s car and begin our trek!

The wooded trail was much like others we had seen during the previous days.

The paths undulated up and down, but were delightfully soft and spongey underfoot a great deal of the time.  As we moved along, we caught our first site of Colpoy’s Bay on Georgian Bay.  What a site!
We would see this vista many times over the next few hours as we walked along the top of the bluff.  One other thing we were warned we’d see is poison ivy.  Unfortunately it was quite plentiful, and not a welcome site!  The good news is that neither Dan nor I have succumbed to its wrath!

The ivy thinned out and the paths were a little more friendly, or were they??? Now it seemed every 100 m or so, there was a crevice large enough to swallow us both up!!

The wind was blowing softly through the trees and you could hear the trees “talking” to one another in the strange sounds made when large branches rub up against each other.  Personally I thought we had managed to find ourselves in the middle of an Ent conversation!!  Quite enchanting!

The forest continued to give us amazing sites.  Not only large crevices, but beautiful mossy rocks, planted with an array of ferns, almost like they were placed there on purpose for our benefit as well as those trekking this same path.

Today was also exciting because we met a young woman, Kaylynne walking the trail with her Great Dane, Zena.  They had been out for several days.  Poor Zena doesn’t like doing the distance walking, but she loves the views from the escarpment.  Her biggest challenge is doing the ladders that are a frequent feature of the trail.

After a delightful chat we wished them a good journey.  Today was their last day of trekking, but Kaylynne thought she might like to find a hiking partner and do a 2 car system like Dan and I are doing.  It is rather convenient.  You just have to pick a distance that you know you can make!

It was soon time for lunch, and we chose a spot in the forest with a little sun pushing through.  Today, I made Spanish Tortilla for breakfast, so we enjoyed the other half for lunch!  Shades of our hike a year ago!

Feeling refreshed, we set out again towards the side trail for Bruce’s Caves.  When you see the photos, just remember that we were hiking on top of them only minutes before!  No wonder I didn’t feel overly secure!

Back out the side trail we went, then onto our car.  Back then to pickup Dan’s car, then onto our campground in Wiarton. ( Yes, we are staying on the very property that is home to Wiarton Willy!!). The park is lovely, but I must say there is a long walk to the “ladies room” from our tent.  Oh well, you certainly can’t beat the view!

As you can tell by the sky, it looks like we are in for some rain tonight!  My honey decided to take me out to dinner, so we had a fusion of Chinese and Thai.  Very nice!  But even nicer was the ice cream store across the way serving 1$ a scoop ice cream.  We got our treat then ventured onto their back patio where a great duo were performing some favorites!

Well, it’s almost 8:30 and still no rain.  We are just sitting watching people walk along the trail ( yes the Bruce Trail is right in front of our tent!!), and sail boats taking their last tack before sailing back to their slip.  Pretty serene finish to another full day!

As we have our wee dram, I wish you all a very pleasant evening!

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  1. Who or what is “Wiarton Willy”? Or had a non Canadian better not ask?


    • Wiarton Willy is a ground hog. The saying goes if on the 2nd of Feb (Ground Hog Day) the ground hog comes out of its den and sees its shadow, it is frightened and runs back into its den… There will be 6 more weeks of winter! This place has locked up the official ground hog for at least Ontario!


  2. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday. It also sounds like you are having a great deal of fun as you travel along the Bruce Trail. You are an inspiration. The pictures are beautiful – thank you for sharing them. Stay safe and enjoy your day. Sure hope the weather is co-operating for you. How dry are the woods? OK – Onward and upward you two – (Easy for me to say eh!) Have Fun. 🙋🏻🌻


  3. All is well at the house. I leave tomorrow to NYC with Cheryl.


  4. The rock formations are stunning! Everything looks beautiful. Good job.


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