Day 14: Cusco to Ollantaytambo 

It was a reasonable hour today to get started, but of course, Dan and I were up at 6ish…I guess our bodies are getting used to early mornings, along with the excitement of our upcoming trek!

We went down for breakfast at 7, and met up with some of our crew including Glenn and Gwen. After a hardly meal and some blog and phone time ( just had to look for Halloween pics of my goblins!) we were ready to board our bus to Ollantaytambo.

Ale had everyone marshalled on by 9:30, and five minutes later it was discovered a cell phone had been left behind at the hotel. The bus driver did an amazing job navigating through the narrows streets, where I swear at one point I could open my window and touch the wall of the building! Very exciting start to our day!

We stayed at altitude ( about 12,000’) for the next hour and a half drive and saw beautiful fertile farm land on plains at the top of these mountains. We had a chance to stop the bus to give our breads to a few of the children.

We stopped in the farming community at a small cooperative with several families and spent time with them, asking questions back and forth… very interesting cross culture experience.

They then prepared us a lovely lunch from many products from their farm.

After lunch we got outfitted in traditional costumes and went into the fields to do some work!

Then back to see a dying, spinning and weaving demonstration. Absolutely fascinating!

Back on the bus we went, on to Ollantaytambo and to our hotel. After check in we went for a short walk with our guide and learned much about this city. During the Inca times, this was a critical point in stopping the advancement of the Spanish. Although the battle was lost, the Incan ruler at the time burned the entire town, and destroyed the Inca Trail leading out of the city to Machu Picchu. This sacred site was never found by the Spanish. Today it is not only a great historical site, but a critical starting point for the many people wanting to walk the trail.

After our tour we did some exploring of the town and then together, we all went out for one last dinner before our group split into their separate ways.

Well, back at our room, this will be the last blog I write for at least 4 days as Dan and I strike out on our adventure. I’ll be sure to give you a blow by blow of our travels when we return to wifi once again! Oh, and here’s the view from our room!

Until then, Hasta Luego!!

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  1. After catching up with all your posts I’m now so hungry…


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