Day 24, Santiago Chile

I have discovered that while travelling in South America, the airports never seem to shut down.  Our flight left Lima last night at 10:15 pm, and with the 2 hour time difference we landed in Santiago at 3:45 am!  I had called our hotel here, and had them arrange a car to pick us us ( didn’t‘ take want to try to figure out taxi stuff without local currency when my brain wasn’t altogether awake!). Our driver was there waiting for us, and within 15-20 short minutes we were in our hotel room and tucking in for some sleep.

It was the nicest hotel that we have stayed in, and the service is outstanding…just have to get over the fact that it is above a strip club!

As opposed to Lima, the airport was served by a modern expressway that lead to easy access to the downtown.  Of course, at the time we arrived there weren’t many cars on the road, but it was the most efficient drive into any of the city’s we have experienced to date!

We let ourselves sleep in until about 11 – 12, at which time we decided to head out and get some lunch, and cash!  We discovered a city with large spacious arteries for cars, and parks that were bursting with spring blooms.  Very much a cross between Toronto and European cities…quite a contrast to Lima and Quito, both of which we enjoyed greatly.

We finally found a lovely spot for lunch, choosing to dine out side in the 30C weather!  I hear it’s much colder back home!!  Don’t worry, it will be much colder as we travel south to Patagoinia in a couple of days…we’ll just soak up the spring sunshine while we’re here!

After lunch we found a bank machine to get some local currency, and then we were off to find Dan a barber to get rid of some of that “grizzle”!  What a fun experience for him!  We went up to the Viking Barber shop where he had a haircut and a hot towel shave and beard trim…including a face massage!  Oh and yes, they offered him a local beer before he started his appointment!

While Dan was busy getting his “doo”, I sat one the porch and researched, then booked a wine tour for tomorrow!  I needed to book something that would get us back to the hotel by 6 pm, when we meet our next Intrepid guide…and this one will do the trick!   (Uncorked small wine tours… more about it tomorrow). In the meantime, I also got to enjoy the view from the balcony overlooking the spring blossoming trees.

After Dan’s”treatment” we were off again to find some water, but what we found we even better.  A Heladoria!!!

An amazing combination of chocolate, mocha and honey gelato with roasted almonds on top…delish!

Well, during our treat we confirmed out wine tour for tomorrow!  So excited!

On the way back to our hotel we saw the Art and Cultural Centre… quite an amazing structure!

From the city centre, you could also see the ever present Andes.  An amazing country 2,000 km long and 200 km wide!  You can just glimpse the mountains though the trees!

After some more exploring we stopped by a local shop and bought some wine, cheese, salami and olives, and enjoyed a light supper while watching “Alice though the looking glass”.  Fun and relaxing!

When I should sign off, and save some energy for tomorrow’s exploration of the Casablanca Valley…whites, reds and Sparkling wines on the menu in this up and coming region.  We are drooling at the opportunity!

Until tomorrow!

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  1. Santiago is a gem. Nice Pics. Dan is looking relaxed, Enjoy your wine tours.


  2. Well as you know we made it home albeit a couple of hours late; seems we should have hung on for Santiago as the Hotel looks great and I can’t ignore that Gelato. I did end up with a head cold which has set me back until today so I am just catching up – Gwen too picked it up but was back at work yesterday and has clearly turned the corner this morning. Thanks again for a wonderful trip through Ecuador and Peru! Cheers, G&G


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