Day 27 – Puerto Natales to Torres Del Paine National Park

Our day started with an early breakfast, then back to the bus station to pick up a bus to the park. We arrived after about 1.5 hours of mountain driving, and then waited at the catamaran dock for the boast to take us across Lago Pehoe to our campsite. We had our boxed lunch and a coffee while we waited.  (coffee was from a machine, but one of the best that I have had since coming to South America!) 

Finally the boat returned to pick us up, and 80-90 trekkers all crammed in with all their gear! ( by the way, access to the boat was NOT made for wheeled suitcases!!). The boat ride across the lake was fully enclosed , luckily as we were beginning to get a taste of the ever present wind here in Patagonia.

Arriving at our campsite, we each found our tent – a lovely North Face tent with double vestibules (enough room for our large travel bags) and lots of room inside!

We were given about an hour or so to get our gear unpacked and beds set up, then get our day packs ready for a short (10-12 km hike).

Our hike took us past some wonderful vistas – looking back on Lago Pehoe, and calving ice bergs in Lago Grey.

Finally we arrived at the look out on Lago Grey and saw our first glimpse of the Grey Glacier! This was the one responsible for the ice bergs that we had seen earlier.

Coming down from the mountain was a little harder on my battle weary knees! Hopefully, with some vitamin “i” I’ll be ok for the trek tomorrow!

When we returned, Dan and I toasted the beginning of our camping trip here with a little single malt! Then we were off to dinner. Dinner here is quite different than on the Inca Trail. There is a lodge at this base camp that has a cafeteria like service where we had a hearty chicken and mashed potato supper. I must say, that even in this remote location they have all been able to cater to Gluten free quite well!

It was 9:30 by the time we made it back to our tent, and in bed by about 10. As you can imagine, the sun was up much later here then further north, so we are able to go to bed and wake up with the sun!

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  1. Sounds like a good start to your Patagonia trip.


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