Day 1. Toronto to Delhi

The adventure begins!

After a day filled with local family and friends visits, we were dropped off at Pearson Airport to begin our journey east.

A toast to our trip!

The first flight was sold out and very tight.  Needless to say the only person in my row that got a few hours of sleep during the 7 hour flight was a 18 mos old travelling with her grandparents and lying across the chair trays!    ( and yes, they were going on to Delhi as well!)

Munich’s airport looked sparkling new, at least the terminal we were in.  With a 2 hour layover we had time to get a proper breakfast before spending another 8+ hours on an airplane.

Our second flight from Munich to Delhi was a little more comfortable and I managed to get a couple of hours sleep at the start. The time difference for us is 10.5 hours, so we’re hoping to get the the hotel around 1 am local and get a good night’s sleep before we head out to Agra tomorrow.

We arrived in Delhi to a rather new and impressive airport terminal.

Entering the immigration hall in Delhi

Our biggest challenge was arriving at 11:30 pm with a visa that would expire by the time we got to the immigration desk! After a half hour delay, all was sorted out and we left the customs hall to see Gupta displaying our names and ready to take us to our hotel. None too soon as we discovered that our pick up was to be at 6:30 am the next day! Settling in our room at 2 am local, that gave us about 4 hours to sleep before we needed to get ready for our next day! Hopefully we can get some sleep on the train!

Our room in Delhi

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  1. Not sure I would be ready to go at 6:00 a.m. after such a long journey but I am sure you two were up and ready to go – well at least Pat!


  2. You are just going to love this adventure! Hanna and I were there in 1996, and so I shall look forward to your reports as it will bring back fond memories. Buen Camino! 🍫🧸🐻❤️


  3. This is Dan who was first up thank you very much! Also first up today as we head to Ranthambor tiger sanctuary.


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