Day 11: Namobuddha Resort to Dulikhel Hike, Bhaktapur

Our day started with the sun shining through the mists in the foothills and the birds in full song. A wonderful way to wake up! Our stay at the resort has been lovely and peaceful. The food was excellent and very fresh, they even make their own yak cheese ( which tastes a lot like Gouda!)This resort was so peaceful, it’s hard to leave!

Our Cabin
Enjoying the sun and wifi before breakfast!
A small sample off the Organic Gardens on this property

After our hearty breakfast we loaded our luggage into the car ( driver would meet us in Dhulikhel and take us on the Bhaktipur after our hike) we were off down the hill! But down was not to last! Nepalese flat paths are far from it, and up we went!

Dan heading up yet another path!

As we climbed, the vistas were amazing! Rich prosperous valleys below were seen in all directions!

If it wasn’t for the morning mist we could’ve seen Everest from here!
Rich terraced farms growing all kinds of things – no snow, frost is rare, so citrus, turmeric, and other things thrive here

We soon came across a couple of women doing their morning laundry. I think I like the convenience of mine, thank you very much!

Hard at work, yet enjoying the company!

As we rounded the corner, our guide told us that we would be hiking over the next hill directly in front of us! There was a lot of valley to defend before we were to go back up…and then back down again!

A long way to go yet!

We saw some interesting sites along the way, like the local “football” field, or a private Stupa, or signs of new construction everywhere!

Football anyone?
A neighbourhood Stupa
Lots of new construction with some pretty big 5 stars resorts being added.

Our funny guide, just a little more flat, and then we go down about 200 steps!

Just over that next hill!
A perspective of the valley we were crossing! ( and up again on the other side!)
The tall broad leafed plant in the background is turmeric, and marigolds grow into huge bushes!

Here we see some corn drying close to the farmhouse. Apparently monkeys like to steal the corn, so better to keep it safe!

Dan and Rajesh hiking a lot one of the few flats that we had! See the corn drying on the rooftops!

We had a lovely hike through another pine forest just before we hit the valley floor.

Dan heading down to the valley floor

Once at the bottom, we started back up the other side. We crossed a small town and highway (2 lane, or over here 4!) walked up a few blocks then turned onto a road that rindes Dan and I of the foot breaking Roman Roads on the Camino!

I pity the poor biker climbing this!

The road continued up, and we never tired of the vistas.

Check out the marigolds here!
Just a little up before we go down, he says!
Looking back to the hills that we had crossed!

Now it was time to start going down for real. Rajesh tell us that the next staircase has 1,000 steps….and he wasn’t kidding!

Get ready thighs, there’s a thousand of them!

As we approached the mid point, we had the opportunity to go and look at a Buddha that sat patiently guarding all the valleys in site. He stand over 40 M tall!

Golden Buddha
Some of the valleys below.

Down we went again!

Down, down, down
An enterprising crew with snacks and drinks for the needy hikers!
Two hikers heading up to the top
The gate marking the entrance ( or in our case, exit) of the 1,000 stairs!

It was time to meet our driver and head onto our next town to explore, Bhaktipur!

Our driver and guide! ( as yes, our suitcases too!)

We drove for about 1/2 an hour or so, and arrived as close as we could get to our hotel. Tonight we stay in a guest house in the old city. Cars can only get so far, and then you need to drag your luggage a ways to get to the Guest house. All in a day’s work, but once we got here it was lovely!

Entrance to the house
View from our balcony where you can still see the rebuilding after the earthquake
Our quaint, yet functional shower!

We got settled into our room, got a load of laundry out to the staff, got cleaned up and had a little r and r before doing a recon of this city.

Our guesthouse is just off of one of the main city squares called Tachupal Tole. Each square features temples, with the Durbar, or “royal” square containing the most. While Bhaktapur suffered a great loss of life during the 2015 earthquake, only 2 of many temples were destroyed. Here we see one off Durbar Square.

Fasidega Temple

But a number remain standing and thriving…more on that tomorrow. For today we took some time to explore the old city streets and alleys, and took advantage of minimal traffic in the streets!

Ancient buildings that somehow survived the earthquake.
Piles of rice, covered with hay, and guarded by a rooster! The rice will be laid out to dry once again tomorrow.
Colourful alleyways, we that ubiquitous wiring!
Busy streets, dotted with motorbikes!

we decided to make an early night of it, as we would have the whole day tomorrow to explore the town. Off we went to find dinner, and chose a restaurant with a lovely view over the square!

Dan reviewing the local delicacies!

Well it’s been a long day. Tomorrow we have a free day to explore without a guide. We think we might like to see the potter’s square, some famous woodcarvers shops, and the three main squares. Lots to do! Until tomorrow!

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