Day 29: Paro, Bhutan to Kathmandu

We met Kenchu and Penjor at the hotel promptly at 7:30 for our 10:30 flight. This is a small, beautiful little airport, but they still want international travellers there 3 hours before flight time! Oh well, we had time for a lovely warm breakfast then then we were off to the airport.

We said our sad goodbyes to Kenchu and Penjor. Two of the most welcoming, hospitable and compassionate people you could meet. Truly great ambassadors for Bhutan!

Into the airport we headed. We had checked in on line, so we simply needed to drops our bags. We fortunately got window seats on the right side of the aircraft, so if there were views of the high Himalayas we would see them!

Paro Airport Check in – one of the most beautiful I have seen!

We went through customs and had our exit checked in our passports ( visitors pay daily to visit Bhutan), and then we proceeded to the gate. The waiting area was half full of people going to exotic places like Calcutta or Bangkok…unfortunately, our flight was delayed for a couple of hours due to mechanical issues! After an hour of waiting, they brought around snacks and tea / coffee for everyone! I haven’t seen too many airlines do that!!

Here we are enjoying some noodles and a biscuit!

It wasn’t long until we we able to board our flight.

A wonderful smooth takeoff, banking left then right then through the pass not far from Chelela Pass! As we taxied, I think I caught a shot of Mr Kenchu’s Apartment building!

Boarding our jet – Druk Air, Bhutanese Royal Airlines. One of two airlines that are licensed to operate here, the other being Bhutan Airlines.
I think the apartment building you can see at the tip of the wing is Mr Kenchu’s. He told us he can here his client land and still have time to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare!

We were soon airborne and the pilot told us we would have a clear flight to Kathmandu. What wonderful shots I was able to get from the planes of the world’s highest peaks!

Bhutan’s tallest mountain surrounded by their eastern Himalayas
Mt Everest, the peak just hiding behind a small cloud. Hard to believe we were flying at 35,000 ft and the mountain is almost 30,000 ft tall!

Our short flight of just over an hour was soon over, and into the Kathmandu Airport once again, only this time we had our visa’s and had a much easier and faster trip through immigration. Before retrieving our bags, we couldn’t help but stop and take a selfie!

Happy to be safely back in Nepal and ready to start the next leg of our adventure!

We proceeded to the baggage claim, got our baggage and were met outside by our Tour company rep and driver. We soon entered the chaos of Kathmandu traffic and after 45 minutes or so, we arrived at our hotel. What an oasis in a dusty dirty crazy city!

We checked into our room, and enjoyed the luxury of a sold bed and terrific wifi!!! Allowing this blogger to get caught up a bit!

Beautiful room at the Shambala Hotel!
Our view of a not so beautiful city from our room!

I am a little hard on Kathmandu, but coming from Bhutan where the air is clean ( except for silty dust at times), the drivers are slow and considerate and the people seem so stress free we are going through a bit of a culture shock here! Oh well, we’ll be touring tomorrow and will have a full report on the city and what it offers then!

We stayed pretty close to our room and had dinner in the hotel. The comfy bed beckons, so until tomorrow!

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  1. Great ending to the Bhutan part of your trip and fabulous shots of the Himilayas from the plane. I am not caught up on what you have done and where you are.


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