Day 8, Moose Jaw

We took our time getting up this morning after a good sleep with quiet neighbours! It was interesting that when we signed in the warden highlighted both park and emergency numbers on our camp map. After the previous night, I would keep my cell phone at the ready!

After a good breakfast and great cup of coffee we packed away our home and wares and started out for Saskatchewan – Moose Jaw to be precise! Here we had booked a night at the Wakamow Heights Inn. A little comfort and pampering after a week on the road…not to mention great wifi, and electricity to charge our many devices!

Lovely rolling hills of grain covered the landscape with the odd clump of trees to break things up . While there were many new super structures for grain, we did see a few of the old grain elevators as well.

Ghost of a bi-gone era.

We chose to do the bypass around Regina and also gained another hour enroute! All in all, we were at our Inn in around 4.5 hours.

When we arrived, we were a little early so Dan and I took the opportunity to hit a laundromat to get our clothes cleaned and ready for the next round. We also ventured into the city centre and had a lovely stroll through Cresent Park. The day was our hottest yet, with the car temp registering 37C, so a walk in a shaded park was definitely in order.

The duck weed is taking over here!
So hot even the pigeons are bathing in the pond!
Cresent Park is the home of a lovely outdoor theatre

Back to the B and B to check in, get a shower and take advantage of good wifi before we head off to dinner! So nice to have a break from setting up camp etc…

The B and B is a lovely old Victorian home that has been converted. Dan and I have a suite on the top floor, but don’t worry even in 37C heat, our air conditioner is working perfectly!

View of the Wagamow Heights B and B
The large wrap around porch is perfect for breakfast.

Once settled and cleaned up we were ready to head into town. We had dinner at a lovely local restaurant called Rosie’s. Great food and hospitality! From there we decided to explore the main drag a bit and came upon one of the 40 odd murals in Moose Jaw.

One of many Moose Jaw Murals

We decided to drive by the grocery store to ensure it was going to be open tomorrow as it is the Civic Holiday… on our way we happened on a deer confused as to which side of the road it wanted to be on!

Hmmmm not sure a city is the best place for Bambi!

It looks like the groc store is open for some provisioning tomorrow, so time to head back to the Inn and enjoy our king sized bed! Tomorrow it’s back to our very comfortable queen cot set up! ( it truly is amazingly comfortable!). Oh, and someone else gets to make me breakfast tomorrow as well!

Next stop on our itinerary is Grasslands National Park. Located near the US border, not only does it feature prairie grasslands, but also some pretty amazing badlands as well! Looking forward to our next adventure! Until the next time we have wifi stay safe! Will write soon!

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  1. You did not miss much bypassing Regina; I have been there several times but it never held any great affection from me.


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