Day 26, Tombstone to Eagle Plains

We woke up this morning to a cold clear day. As we visited the pit toilets, we could see our breath and frost on the ground. The water tap where you could get fresh water had frozen, and had to be gerry rigged to get it working.

Frost on the ground outside our camper!

Fortunately, we spend the night in our cozy RV, with a hot breakfast of bacon and egg McMuffins courtesy of the fresh sour dough ones made the night before. Well fed and watered, we were ready to hit the road.

We were thankful the weather was clear as we had spectacular views leaving Tombstone Territorial Park campgrounds. The park itself extended another 50 kms north. The lookouts gave us a great appreciation for this park and all it offers!

Heading up the Dempster from Tombstone TP.
The most distanced peak in the centre of the photo is Tombstone Mountain. The headwaters of the Klondike start there. The valley and river you can see in the foreground is the Klondike River

We were lucky as the first 150 kms going north were not bad for a dirt road. We managed to make good time and instead of camping the night at Engineer Creek we decided to simply stop there for lunch and move on. When we drove the campground, all 15 sites were empty. Perhaps they would get occupied later. In the meantime we could explore and see the wonderful cliffs on the other side of the creek where they say dal sheep live.

Cliffs across Engineers Creek
It’s interesting to see the mixing of a silted creek with a rock creek. Not an uncommon site here.

After a nice lunch and look around we decided to hit the road once again.  The scenery was spectacular.

At one point we stopped at a lookout at Ogilvie Ridge and met a couple coming from Tuk! They were from the NWT so were free to travel anywhere. Tomorrow we will go to the health checkpoint, about 50 kms into NWT where we will be turned back. Oh well, the couple did tell us of a lovely pullout on the side of the road which might serve as our campground tomorrow. A place called Gorges Gap. Gorgeous they say!!


On route to Ogilvie mountains lookout
Almost looking snow capped! The clouds are playing tricks!
Interesting bends in the road!
Lookout for the Ogilvie Range. The colours are just starting to turn. We’ve been told it’s quite late! Fall comes here starting August 15th!
The sun added so much to the beauty of this viewing point.

After our stop we ventured on.  With the fine weather and scenery, we worked through the potholed road and made it to Eagle Plains around 4 ish.  Here we filled up with gas and propane and got ourselves a campsite with a hook up.  Not only can I charge my iPad, but we can have toast in the morning!

Coming off the lookout, the clouds were amazing!
On a clear day, you can see forever!
Signs of a past forest fire. The road winds on for miles following native trading paths.

I expected this truck stop like place to be very unpicturesque, but to my surprise the campground is lovely ( we’ll maybe not our site because we opted for power) and the views of the area are breathtaking.  Beringia plains of tundra dotted with struggling spruce to the west snd the rolling hills rising to the Richardson mountain range in the northeast.  360 degrees of beauty.

A pretty pedantic truck stop on the surface is a blessed oasis for many, including us!
View of Eagle Plains ( not the trucks stop!)

We decided to try the lounge/restaurant for dinner.  The lounge of filled with old historic photos and documents as well as some interesting stuffed wildlife.  The moose antler chandelier was amazing!

Lots of hunting trophies and old photos. Quite an interesting spot!

Our meal was great considering where we are.  At the next table there was a woman from California travelling up here on her own with her dog.  Sounds like we’re heading for the same place tomorrow so maybe we’ll meet again!

After dinner we came back and read for a while. As I’m writing this at 10:30 pm the sun is just setting. Unfortunately I can see the cloud bank moving in once again. Oh well, our adventure will continue tomorrow come rain or shine! Until then, stay safe!

The night sky over Eagle Plains
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