Day 39, 40, 41, Meziadin Provincial Park to Prince Rupert to Prince George to Southern Alberta

Our day started out like many others. A cool morning, although above freezing thankfully. Our tent had so much condensation on the interior it sounded like a light rain was beginning to fall when in fact it was condensation pooling on the seams of the fly sheet and dripping into our vestibule. No damage done, but interesting.

We each went to our task. I started with coffee and a hearty breakfast for the road and Dan started the tear down of the bed and tent. We are getting this routine down pretty good by now, but I am looking forward to not having to get up, get the cooking gear out of the car, set it up and start boiling water for coffee. It can be quite a challenge with only 2 stoves ( single burner) when trying to do more complex things. But alas, we have 2 stoves and plenty of food…I shouldn’t be complaining!

We said goodbye to our lovely campsite and headed out to Prince Rupert. The drive was lovely, although as we approached Prince Rupert we could see the clouds coming in.

Saying Goodbye to our lakeside camp sight in Meziadin
Cloud bank rolling in

As we turned back onto the TransCanada, west bund, we quickly picked up the Selena River and followed this all the way through Terrace and into Prince Rupert.

Skeena River
The highway hugs the river as we head to he coast.

We soon reached Prince Rupert under a light drizzle. No worries as I had some blog catching up to do!

View of the Pacific Islands from our window seat in our room
Looking down the sound from our room.

After a couple of hours, our stomachs were getting the better of us. i had researched the best seafood restaurant, but “Dolly’s Fish Market” advertised that the restaurant portion was closed due to Covid. I made a reservation in the hotel restaurant and then we decided to head Dolly’s to see if there was anything good to get at the market. When we got there, we discovered the restaurant was indeed open!!! Three shakes, and I had cancelled our hotel reservation and we were seated at Dolly’s. To say we were delighted in the meal is a dramatic understatement!

Dolly’s Fish Market, Prince Rupert
Dolly’s seafood platter, tempura battered haddock, shrimp, smoked coho salmon!

Back at the hotel, I did a little more blogging and then time for a good night’s sleep. Until tomorrow, stay safe!

Day 40, Prince George

We were up early and hit the road for a long drive across the TransCanada to Prince Rupert.

Morning view from our room in Prince Rupert
Road heading east from Prince Rupert

We were soon into simply rolling hills, with lots of signs warning of wildlife on the road!

A common sight along the TransCanada here

We drove on through the hills with a mission to make the distance. About 8 hours of driving in total and we had a hotel downtown and got in just in time for dinner. We went to a fun pub called Nancy O’s, a short walk from our hotel. Along the way, we saw some interesting bears…reminded me of the statues Nancy Howcroft and I saw at the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.

Creative Bear 1
Creative Bear 2 – beside our hotel

After a little walk around the city centre, we went back to our room for a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we would get up and have a quick FaceTime with each our grandkids and then off for a 10-12 hour drive to Pincher Creek and our friends in Southern Alberta. Until then, stay safe!

Day 41, Prince George to Southern Alberta.

Our day started early. We needed to FaceTime first with our Halifax family, and then with our Toronto family and then hit the road around 8:30 am.

After a great family visit, we hit the road. We decided we would grab breakfast and a coffee as we headed out of town. Little did we know that we would have to drive for at least a couple of hours just to get a coffee!! While there were lots of fast food places at the west end of town, there was nothing to the east!

Heading out of town, east bound towards Jasper, crossing the Fraser River

As we headed west, the day started to clear a bit and the mountains grew in the background.

Heading east towards Jasper, the mountains were growing as we approached.
Getting Closer to Jasper, we could see Mt Robison

Roadside Fraser River showing the glacial blues with Mt Robison in the background.

We were soon in Jasper, and stooped for a quick fill up of gas and food!

Bustling town sight of Jasper, so we didn’t stay too long!

From Jasper we headed south along the Icefields Parkway. The temps were glorious and the sky was much clearer than our last visit a month ago. Lots of pics from the cars, but roadside turnoffs were crowded with tourists on the long weekend! Again, we chose not to stop at any of these!

Higher cloud ceiling let us see mountain tops as we drove!
You can just spot some hanging glaciers
Snow in the mountains!
Bow Lake and the mountains that were ghosts on our last visit
The Three sisters bid us goodbye as we head south out of the park

Once out of the park, we turned south to bypass Calgary. We decided to stop for dinner in Bragg Creek, and by the time we were done it was dark. I know it doesn’t seem shocking to you, but just a couple of night ago the sun was setting at around 10-10:30…we had a beautiful drive play down the Cowboy Trail, and couldn’t see a darn thing other than the guard rails and oncoming traffic!

We reached our friends, the Berturelli’s, around 10:30. Happy to be out of the car and in very welcoming company! Until tomorrow, Stay safe!!

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