Day 47

Day 47 – Cowley to Regina

It was sad to leave our hosts for the last 5 days. It had been 20 years since I had last seen Gordon and Jane, and we are hoping that it will be much shorter between our next visit!

Saying farewell to our hosts Jane and Gordon Berturelli
Sad to leave Gordon and Jane and their beautiful home in Cowley, Lochinvar

As we left the homestead, we headed east into the rolling hills of the Alberta prairies, crossing coolies and driving by oil wells drilling in the fields.

Prairie Hills north of Pincher Creek, Alberta
Crossing the Old Man River towards the TransCanada Highway
A couple of Iron Horses seen in the distance

While we drove, we saw trucks carrying hay and combines in the fields. Everything telling us that the growing season was coming to its end.

Truck carrying hay…some hay and straw trucks were “trains”. Hard to believe this weight on any field in Ontario
Valley approaching Lethbridge, Alberta
Looong irrigation arms that water the fields
Hay bales ready for storage

As we crossed the prairies, we could see ponds that had dried and a white powder was left in the wake of the water. The picture below looks more like an ocean shore than a large dry depression that was formerly a spring pond.

Salt crystals dried at the edge of the field

Today we drove by Lethbridge, Swift Current, Moose Jaw and onto our destination, Regina. A 7 1/2 hour drive along the TransCanada highway that seemed to go by in a blink. Always lots to see along the way.

As we entered Regina, we stopped for a visit with a former colleague of Dan’s. I don’t think we have seen a large city as flat as Regina!

The city rises out of the Prairie

After a long day of driving and great conversations with James, we headed to a hotel on the eastern outskirts of town, ready for a rest. Tomorrow we drive across Manitoba and into Ontario, hoping to reach Kenora. While we’d like to do more camping along the way, we are getting torn with wanting to get back to our home after almost 2 months. Stay tuned, and see where we end up! Until then, stay safe!

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  1. What a magical trip this has been following In the wake of your travels. You have enough memories now to get you through the winter. Amazing and what a beautiful country we live in. 😊❤️💕 Thank you so much for sharing it all. Margie


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