A New Adventure ; Iceland and the UK

This year’s adventure takes us off the North American continent for the first time in 4 years! It’s been a while and Dan and I are really looking forward to touching down and walking some new paths!

A little research before the adventure begins!

Our adventure will begin with a 4 day stop over in Iceland. For years, Dan and I have talked about doing this on our way over the Atlantic, and this year was the year we booked it!

From there we will head into London and take in the pre coronation excitement!

From London, we’ll board a train to Bristol where we’ll pick up a rental car and begin our tour of Devon, Cornwall and Wales before heading back to Bristol to drop the car and take the cross country train to Richmond.

Here we’ll meet up with Gwen and Glenn and stay in a familiar house that they rented a few years ago, when we last hiked the Yorkshire Dales with them. We’ll be doing some old favourites, as well as some new hikes, and will even get to join some locals for a Coronation party!

After 2 weeks in the Dales, we’ll head straight north to Golspie for a quick overnight and visit with our dear friend Sandra (of Camino fame!). Then off again to the northern tip of Scotland where we’ll hop on a ferry over to the Orkney Islands for a few days.

From the Orkneys, we’ll head along the most northern route in Scotland (the 500) around to Ullapool where we’ll get on another ferry to the Outer Hebrides. Here we’ll explore Lewis and Harris and get a fell once again for the windswept remoteness of Scotland’s most westerly islands.

From Harris we’ll ferry over to Skye for a few days and then onto to Glasgow where we’ll say goodbye to Glenn and Gwen and get our own car and head to Bute for a visit with some friends from Canada, and then home!

A great adventure where we’re looking forward to amazing hikes from the Cornish rugged coast lines to the northern tip of Scotland and beyond. Our stopover in Iceland will provide lots of exciting experiences where we may see an active volcano and perhaps some northern lights!

In any event, we hope you’ll join us from your couch and send us lots of energy as we drag our aging bones over hill and dale throughout this trip!

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