Day 5, Iceland to London

This morning was our first morning in Iceland when the sun wasn’t shining brightly. We indeed have been fortunate with great weather and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of exploring this enchanting island.

Our room at the guesthouse had a small efficiency kitchen. We made ourselves a coffee and then decided to go out for breakfast and some exploring. Our first stop was a café called Loki. Here we had coffee and a lovely breakfast open faced sandwich with egg and herring. Delicious!

A perfect Icelandic Breakfast

After breakfast we headed back to do the final pack for London.  We checked out around 10 and drove down closer to the city centre for a bit of a walk about.  It was cool and windy, but we did see some interesting sites.


Reykjavik City Hall. An interesting building beside a downtown lake
Statue to the Unknown Bureaucrat!
Iceland’s Parliament Buildings
A view of Reykjavik’s harbour showcasing a very capable coastguard ship… no wonder they beefed up their guard after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cod Wars!
Typical downtown city street in Reykjavik

Being a Sunday morning not much was open so we decided to visit the most recent active volcano here. This erupted both in 2021 and then again in 2022. We managed to find a car park close to the tongue of the cooling lava flow and hike over the small ridge to take a look. We were amazed by the size as well as the fact that the lava was still venting steam even a year later!

Just look at the steam rising off of the lava flow from 1 year ago…still too hot and/or fragile to touch!
More steaming lava!


Once we got our wind blown selves back to the car, it was time to head to the airport. Fairly uneventful check in and trip through security. After this we found a lovely spot for a nice lunch of pizza (prosciutto and arugula with pesto) and treated ourselves to a couple of beers! It had been a great stopover for us, and I highly recommend taking advantage of Iceland Air’s free stopover offer!

As I write this last paragraph, we have made it safe and sound to our hotel in London, We headed out just down the street to a Greek restaurant for a late dinner, and now it’s time to sign off! Until tomorrow!

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