Day 14, 15 traveling to Wales and the Pembrokeshire coast

It was sad to leave our home for the past week in farm country outside of Mawgan. But onward we must go!

The our hosts home “the Forge”, home to Sue and Graham. The tall building behind was the old Mill and is now a separate dwelling.
One last look at the pastoral view from this wonderful haven. This home was once the “forge” for a small settlement of buildings including a Mill and a Grainery…all now separate homes on the complex.
We bid farewell to Sue and Graham as we hand over our house keys and prepare to leave

Our drive was mainly on double carriage roads (4 lane highway) which took us north through Cornwall, Devon and through Bristol. Once we crossed the Bristol Channel we were in Wales.

The bridge on the M4 heading over the Bristol Channel enroute to Wales.

Once we passed Swansea the road narrowed to 2 lanes, yet we made good time. Our first look at the coastline was when we passed over the hill at Newgate. A fantastic view of St Bride’s Bay, one of the most beautiful sites on this coastline.

St Bride’s Bay is a stunning example of the undulating Pembrokeshire Coast.

Only a few miles further and we were at our home for the next couple of nights in a small town called Solva. I picked this location because of it’s proximity to St David’s (Britain’s smallest city!) so we could explore both the cathedral here as well as do some hiking along the coast.

A view of the village as we walked towards the quay in Solva.
A quaint little cottage with some pretty low ceilings and archways for Dan!
The protected harbour at Solva, once a major medieval port is now a port for fisherman and private boaters. Here you can see the entry of a crab/lobster fisherman as he heads to his anchorage ( at around 8:30 pm!). Dan and I sampled some freshly caught crab this evening with our dinner.

The next morning we got our breakfast and decided to do a short walk along the coast from Solva. It’s wonderful to be able to start your walk from your front door!

A fuller view of Solva Harbour from the headland.
Looking east towards St Bride’s Bay. Such stunning sites along this coastline.
Looking west from the headland. The walking on this stretch was very tame compared to the Cornish coastal walks.
The spring flowers were in their glory as we ventured forward. Here you can see the gorse competing with the thrift/sea pinks.
Don’t worry, the driving and walking here are not enough to make Dan jump!
One last shot as we turned inland.
The footpath leading back across farm fields to the village. The rain was starting to come, and we thought it best to get out of the incoming storm.

We went back home and dried off a bit before starting out for St David’s, Britain’s smallest city (pop between 1300 – 1800). The reason being that in England and Wales city status is generally given to cathedral towns. The city status was lost in 1886, but restored by ERII in 1994.

We stopped first for a bite of lunch at the Bishop’s (not the real Bishop home, but a pub not far from the Cathedral). We had our first Welsh beer and of course, had to have the fish and chips…it was recommended!

As the barkeep said when we went to order, “Whale and Chips”. A very generous and crispy piece of cod.

Once we gained energy for another walk / tour around the cathedral, we were off.

Behind the cathedral you can just see the remains of the former bishop’s palace.
Inside looking up to the quire
Looking up from the quire to the organ and bell tower interior beyond.
The reliquary of St David as well as reconstructed icons guarding the treasurers.
Hand carving in the quire from the 16th century. Each chair seat had it’s own unique design.
The entrance to St David’s Cathedral.
Road leading back into the main square of St David’s. Look at the wild hyacinths!

When we were finished with our exploring, we heading to the little butcher shop and got some provisions for dinner, then off to Pointz Farm and Ice Cream Shop. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!

I had a Lime Cheesecake cone…absolutely yummy! With real candied lime peel!

We have had a full couple of days. Tomorrow we head up to the north of Wales into Snowden country. Say tuned to see what we get up to over the next couple of days in the north! Until then!

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