Day 41, 42, 43 Isle of Skye

We got up bright and early for our drive to Tarbert in order to take the ferry to Skye. It was an overcast morning, but that just made the skies all that much more dramatic for the drive! Here are some of our parting views of Lewis and Harris.

Outside our dining room window we had a view of these two rock mounds beside the river…these are the remains of an ancient Norse mill and kiln. I must say that you don’t go far on these islands without seeing amazing remains like this.
Having some fun as we get ready to head off on our next adventure.
Some modern housing on the moor.
Typical house overlooking the inlet approaching Stornaway.
South of Stornaway you can see the highlands of Harris rising across the loch.
The Atlantic Ocean inlet on the west as we head east towards Tarbert
One last look at the Lochs and highlands of Harris
Looking across the “Little Minch” at Tarbert towards the Isle of Skye
Our ferry just about to dock for us to board!
Out into the Little Minch we go!

When we arrived on Skye, we decided to drive the upper coast of the island to our B and B just outside of Portree. The drive was interesting as most of it was a single track road, but the views again were spectacular.

Port town of Uig, where our ferry landed. You can just see it in dock on the distant wharf
Looking back on Uig as we headed north around the bay.
Hillsides of north Skye. You can already see a difference in style of houses to that of Lewis and Harris.
Mountains are never far on Skye

Once in a B and B, we settled nicely. A lovely spot for our last few days together, and appreciated all that much more as we have all caught a bug that seems to be going around. It certainly curtails plans for hiking, but the views from this home are delightful!

View from our living room

The next day, I decided to walk into town for some light provisioning. It was a lovely walk.

Not only was the gorse in full bloom, but the Broom Flower was as well!
Looking back across the inlet towards our B and B (just off the right hand side of the photo)
Looking out over Loch Portree ( which is actually a bay off the Sound of Raasay)
Another view of Loch Portree

Once in Portree I bought some stuff for soup and headed back to the house to make a big pot for us all to enjoy! As it was on simmering, Dan and I headed out for a short walk.

I just love how the boats are secured to a float and yet simply sit on the Loch bottom when the tide is out!
Here’s a view of our B and B as we walk up from the water

The next morning we all got up rather slowly… I think a little R and R was in order, but perhaps after breakfast, Dan and I could manage a short walk… We chose one that was close, although it was going to be a steep climb. The Old Man of Storr is one of the more famous walks on this island.

When we got to within a few Km of the parking lot, we were stopped for some time with a road closure. I managed to snap some shots while we were stopped. Unfortunately, when I got back to the car neither Dan nor I were feeling up to the climb so we headed back into Portree.
Portree Harbour. If this isn’t asking to be painted, I don’t know what is!!! and while I took this photo there was a piper piping away on the peer. Simply lovely!

Unfortunately we had to cancel our reservation at Three Chimneys which was for tonight as none of us felt up to a million course Michelin meal, so tonight we splurged on frozen pizza! Definitely NOT a close second, but as our good friend Alan says, “It fills the hole”! Hopefully a good nights sleep will see us in better shape tomorrow to take on our long drive south. Glenn and Gwen will be dropping us off in Glasgow where we will pick up a car and head over to Bute, while they go on to continue their trip to Ripon and beyond.

I hope to be posting from Bute, but feel the wifi may be very sketchy at our “Glamping Pod”. If not, I will post of our travels to that final Isle of our trip from Glasgow. Until then.

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