Day 16, San Bol to Itero de la Vega

Our day started around 6:30 when the bulk of the room had awakened. Dan was up at 6, and when I went into the dining area to do my foot care ( better lighting than in a dark bedroom) he was enjoying a coffee and some breakfast, and already had his footcare done!

The girls and I finished our morning rituals, and we were ready to hit the road!  Goodbye oasis, hello Camino!

Our first stop was Hontanas, and of course the female crew were in desperate need of breakie… We ordered our meal, and Dan his Cafe con Leche when he heard there was bacon… Well he ordered a bocadilla with cheese and Bacon, and ended up with a sandwich made with half a loaf of bread!!! Good thing we would be walking 26 k today!!!

  As we walked out of town, we all did the superhero pose to give us strength for the day!  We walked another 8-10 km to Castrojerez and stopped for lunch… Dan only had lemonade!!!  We were skeptical about staying here after Sophie’s experience with bedbugs, so we pressed on to the next stop (some 10-12 k further) up, and across the Meseta and then we finally arrived at Itero.

Our day was filled with ups and downs, both literally and figuratively… From cyclists in sexy see through shorts (NOT), to leaving Judith for good as we thought( the trouble with the Camino is that you make deep and lasting relationships, and when you part… A piece of your heart go with them…) to singing the whole of Barett’s Privateers to learning a German song!  The Meseta was absolutely gorgeous…

 There was a strong wind that we walked into all day, but it created the most amazing    movement in the wheat fields… Like standing by the sea… The colours of wild flowers were a spectacular backdrop for the scenery!

   As we pulled into Itero ( crawled, hobbled are probably better terms) we saw Judith!!! How exciting to be reunited, at least for tonight!  We have learned to treasure moments with wonderful people… Who knows what tomorrow may bring!

I’m sitting here in the Albergue, after having done the washing and hung it out to dry…finished a shop to provision for a picnic breakfast, have a beer in the sunshine, and watch Lisa get her first treatment for blisters!

 I tell you, I know how to have a good time!!!

Well, we’re off to dinner… The 4 are reunited for now!  Time to celebrate! Love to all back home!  Time to enjoy the company in front of me!!!

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  1. I am just catching up on the posts for the last 3 days. That picture of the field is stunning and that spring looked amazing. So glad to see that Dan has been able to join you! Way to go both of you!


  2. You look so healthy…just glowing…..glad Dan is healing


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