Day 17, Itero to Villalcazar de Sirga

Such a long day!  We started with a bit of a sleep in in Itero, not starting to rouse until 7… And hill the road by 8.  Of course, our daily regime is now the superhero pose… And I managed to get all of us in this one!!!

The first stretch was through 8 k of farm land… Similar to the Meseta… Long roads, big skies… Until we finally came to Boadilla de Camino and stopped for our first Cafe con Leche…

Relish!  Especially with the great grub we had brought for breakfast!!! Outside on the patio at 10:00… How civilized!

Our next leg took us past a long irrigation canal… It was at this point that Dan was ready for someone to bring him his canoe!

From it’s was another 6 k down the road, and from there ( after having visited the Farmacia and bought 2 hypodermic needles and more sterile gauze and tape…. Yup, it takes a lot to keep the dogs happy while walking the Camino!!!) on to Poblacion de Campos for lunch… I guess they didn’t want us to go off track!!!

  Lovely town, and very tempted to stay there as I keep promising Dan a light day!!! (Today was 28 k!)

(More baby priests getting ready for delivery)
But, the day was still young ( well not really as it was already 2 pm) and the girls wanted to press on, so on we went for another 12 k hike… Most of which was along side a river( more like a creek, but the bird calls and frog sounds were extraordinary!).

 Of course, as my feet were paining ( feels like a pinched nerve) I would here the cuckoo call… Am I crazy??? And then I would see the most breathing vistas, and know why I was in this spot at this exact moment!


( you must know that we have walked over 350 k, have of which the paths are spotted with sheep dung… But never saw a sheep, until today)

Finally, our river walk ended and we had a couple of k to go before our Albergue… Oddly, as we walked by a church out in the middle of a field, we saw that there was a party of some sort going on… As we past, we were offered plates of the most glorious paella I had seen…. But our feet were dreaming for there rest, and we knew if we stopped, we would never make it into town!

What a welcome we received!

Within 15 minutes we were in our room, soaking our feet and getting ready to go to the pilgrim mass at an old (12th C) Templar church… Another wonderful experience!

 After mass it was back to the Albergue for dinner, and off to bed!

 Good night to all!  It’s an early morning for us tomorrow as the temp are to sore to 30! We will leave at 6 and hope to be at our Albergue by 1 at the latest!!! Until then!

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  1. Miss you both!!


  2. You must be nearing the half way mark soon; looks like the weather has turned warmer though you do not want it too warm for walking. Cheers, Glenn


  3. We just caught up on your posts after a few days of falling behind. Glad to hear Dad is back on his feet and holding strong. Good luck with the next stretch. Also, as there’s no other way to get in touch… Happy Mother’s Day!!


  4. Make sure you stretch your Achilles tendon and calf muscles.


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