Day 19, Calzadilla de la Cueza to Sahagun… Celebration Day!!! 

Hallelujah!!! We passed the half way point between St Jean Pied de Port and Santiago!!! All downhill from here( ha ha ha)

Our day started with my alarm at 5:20 am again… We wanted to start early as the forecast was for temps in excess of 30 C, and crossing more Meseta without shade… An early dark start is warranted!  Last night we stayed in a new (2014) municipal Albergue which was lovely, inspire of the 26 beds in one room!!! I didn’t here an alarm go off before mine, but 90% of the residents were up and moving by the time I got up… Amazingly, practically the whole place was cleared out by 5:45!!!

It was another dark start, but the path was not complicated, and we easily made good time before the sun was up an hour later!

There is something very special about watching and listening as the world awakens!  True magic!

This morning, foot care was becoming either a) easier to manage or b) less boo boos to dress!  Everyday brings new challenges physically, but we are also getting better equipped to handle what has been thrown at us…. So far!!!!

We walked for about an hour or so before our first Cafe con Leche… One of the best, served by one of the grumpiest bartenders … Oh well… Caffeine fix, check!

The markings along the way are quite diverse!  Often just yellow hand painted arrows on the road, sidewalks, trees, buildings…. And then you come across something truly remarkable!

By mid morning we reached Terradillos de Templarios, a rather unremarkable village except for the fact that it marked the HALF WAY POINT BETWEEN SJPP AND SANTIAGO… Time for a little celebrating!!!

What a joy it was to share this moment with our Fellowship of Four!  This journey so far would not have been the same without each other!

Speaking of Fellowships, a few short k later we all thought we may have been misdirected to Middle Earth!!!

It turns out, this is actually a cava, or wine cellar and bar… Pretty cool idea for the Meseta, but at 10:30 am, all we could stomach was another Cafe con Leche!

On we went on our way, now in a race with the rising sun and the heat of the day!

… When all of a sudden Lisa spotted some cute little green creatures starting to come out and enjoy a little sunshine… Can you spot them?

On we walked, until at noon we just needed a short rest stop before our finally destination of Sahagun!

On we went to our Albergue for the evening, where we splurged and took a room for 4 with our own bath!!! Oh, the height of luxury!!!


Once inside, we quickly showered and washed off the dust and sweat of the day, then hauled our butts into town for some lunch.  It’s quite interesting to arrive in town early, and be able to greet other pilgrims that you have met along the way…. What a lovely town it is… Friendly bar and shop keepers, it gave us a really great feeling!

 Our day has been great so far!  Wonderful conversations on the Camino coupled with the warm of our group, whether walk together or separately… We all feel we belong here, and with each other… As I have said before, our hearts grow with each great spirit we meet, and this allows us to give them a piece of our hearts when ever we must part.

Tonight, we will eat our pilgrim meal at our hostel… And then prepare for an even earlier start tomorrow ( target of 5:30 am). It is supposed to be another hot day, and we are pushing over 30 k tomorrow and trying to reach Leon a day earlier ( wed), when Dan, Lisa and I will take a rest day… Still not sure if Judith will join us, but we will have her with us until Leon at least, and will have gained a day to allow her to get to Santiago early!  She promises to greet us as we crawl onto the square!!!


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  1. I was surprised to see that Dan was awake under that tree! Really impressed that you are still in the game. As I have read your blog it keeps occurring to me that I would be a real spoil sport. I said to Ian that long ago (first sore feet night) I probably would have said “meet you in Barcelona when you’re finished”. I have no doubt that you will both finish this and forever more have the pride in a great accomplishment. We are off in a week and then we will be almost in the same time zone looking forward to meeting up and hearing all about your walk. Safe and healthy travels. xxoo


  2. Halfway! Wow, that’s a huge feat! 🙂 Congratulations! It must be fun to get up before the crack of dawn and out on the path. Seriously. Then you accomplish so much before mid-day. We laughed at the interesting “middle earth” wine place in your post yesterday. What a shame it was too early to explore and indulge!


  3. Congratulations on reaching the halfway point – a “feet” in itself (pun intended for all not just Dan)!


  4. Congrats on the halfway point! This post had me craving an afternoon coffee.. Xo


  5. Congratulations on reaching the halfway mark! these images could make beautiful posters! Definitely a beautiful way to start the day watching the sun rise. You will continue to get stronger and your bodies will adapt. I look forward to reading the posts as this happens. The metamorphosis begins!


  6. I walked nine holes yesterday. Hmmmmm, just doesn’t compare does it. But I did enjoy the walk and the company and the scenery along the way. I especially enjoyed the dinner with wine and friends afterwards. I’m looking forward to walking this route with you when you get back. I’ll even offer to let you carry my clubs if you want. (Heehee) Past the half-way mark, I guess there’s no turning back now.


  7. Congrats on the halfway point! The hardest part is over:) Love seeing the smiles on your faces in your pics! What beautiful memories you are creating:)


  8. Congratulations on reaching the halfway point of the Camino. Continued good luck for the rest of the journey. Still enjoying very much your postings and amazing photos. Loved those cute little green lizards(?)


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