Rest Day 2, Santiago de Compostella

You would think on a rest day you could sleep in and enjoy the luxuries that one had done without!  But, we had people to see and places to go…namely, a wake-up at 6:30 enabled us to get showered ( morning showers are one of those luxuries!) and then to meet Alan, Lisa and Kim at our usual spot outside the Cathedral ( south door) for 7:30.  Originally, Lisa wanted to go to the German mass at 8, so Alan and I though we might do a last rendition of the Pilgrims hymn in a corner of the cathedral… As it turned out, there were a number of masses going on around in the smaller chapels, and not wanting to disturb we took the opportunity to hug the statue of St James, and to visit his reliquary…


When we had all given our thanks for a safe Camino, it was time for breakfast… Over we went to the Hospitalerio across the square for a lovely and filling continental buffet for pilgrims, for an all you can eat cost of 5€!

Back we went to the cathedral museum, where we saw a number of treasures, including the gold and silver hammer used to knock on the sacred door during the beginning of a holy year….

This door, located in the east square is only used during holy years, after which it is bricked up until the next special year…

We also had a chance to climb up three flights and have a view of the city and squares from a bird’s eye view!


And, of course, we risked dropping our cameras to get some fun shots!!!


After the museum we spent a few minutes in the beautiful cloisters.  It was there that Alan and I had a chance to sing our last (May2015) performance of “He who would Valiant be”.  A truly magical moment to have in this great cathedral!

   When we finished, it was time to split up to run last minute errands we all had on our plates…Dan and I decided to sit on one of the main plazas to see if we could catch Sandra coming into town… We did a walk through of the Cathedral prior to the Pilgrim’s mass at noon, and not seeing her we hit the plaza instead!  No luck there… We headed over to another spot, and from there we decided to have a quick tapas lunch and then back to our room for a Siesta…

As we were heading back across the south Cathedral square, who should we run into but Joyce and Barbara, the two American women Dan met when traveling the bus to Burgos… This is where they were all rescued by angel Sara!!! Anyway, these two women got the care and they needed and then travelled to Sarria to complete their Pilgrimage! 5-7 km per day, but they did it!

They  had just come from the Pilgrims mass, where once again the Botofumerio was swung… (Did I tell you that this was originally done because the pilgrims wreaked with filth and disease???)  anyway, they were looking for their hostel, and we (having had the experience of learning the streets by getting lost!) volunteered to take them the few blocks to their hostel…
As we finished our first flight of stairs, who should we run into but Judith and her husband Peter!!! It was so great to meet Peter finally, we had heard so very much about him over the weeks walking with Judith… What a lovely couple!!! It was a chance meeting as they were supposed to head out of town this am, but decided to extend their time here for another day!

Now we could head back to our room for a true rest!

We (Alan, Kim, Lisa and Dan and I)agreed to meet again at 4 pm to go and see the pilgrim museum.  Dan wasn’t feeling up for another museum so agreed to meet us at 5.  When the rest of us got to the museum, it was closed so we thought we would grab a quick coffee.

When we left to go and meet Dan, who should we run into again but Francesco and Carla ( a lovely woman who is from South Africa, and last year took 3 months to do the pilgrimage from England to Rome, and this year picked up at Rome and has made it to Santiago!!!)

   Francesco told us that he had seen Sandra in the noon pilgrim mass… She made it into town today and went straight to the noon mass!!! Hurray!!! Another part our of Camino soul has arrived!

We quickly headed over to the square to meet, and then disappoint Dan with the notion of joining us at the museum…But, when we got to the doors they were still locked!!! As it turned out they were closed while they made a new display!!! Oh well, what were to do but go for an isotonic refreshment!!!

With refreshments done, we decided to stroll the streets to see if we could see Sandra… We didn’t find Sandra, but bumped into Renato, our friend from Brazil… He arrived last Tuesday and then took a bus for a couple of days to Finnesterre.

Time to think about dinner, so off to our favourite Italian restaurant we went to have pizza and pasta! After dinner, we again strolled the streets and bumped into Judith and Peter.  Then the crazy German guide book took over our minds and convinced us to lay on our backs looking upside down at the front of the cathedral!!!

Not sure what it was supposed to do, other than seeing up the frock of St James the Pilgrim’s statue… But by the time we were finished, we had a number of other people on the square trying it too!!!  Having finished the Camino, we were certainly lost for direction!!! (There are no yellow arrows in the hotel!!!)

Silliness  certainly takes its toll on thirst, so off we went to have a last drink together before we said our goodbyes.

It was time to say our goodbyes!  Very sad, but also extremely thankful for being so blessed with the wonderful people we’ve met along the way!  It’s time to begin our next adventures with the knowledge that our hearts have grown over the past weeks!

A very special Buen Camino goes out to our adopted daughter Lisa, as she continues on to Finesterre tomorrow with Alan… Oh the places you’ll go!!!  You will both be in our hearts as you continue your journey.

Tomorrow we are off on our next adventure!  Look out UK!!!

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  1. I find myself a little sad to hear about you all going your separate ways! Love the pictures of everyone pointing a different direction and the picture of your feet in a circle. Very meaningful considering your pilgrimage. BTW, are the papers at the cathedral prayers, Pat? I hope the UK is easier on the feet!


  2. As a well known Hobbit would say: “Time for another adventure”! I am sure you will enjoy Scotland albeit it in a very different way! G&G


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