Day 2.5 rest, End of the Camino in Santiago

I woke up at 6:40 this am, and thought that Alan and Lisa would just be walking by the Cathedral on their way out of town towards Finnesterre.  They have a beautiful day in store for walking!  I hope that they did the Super Hero pose on the square in front of the Cathedral… I imagine they did!  Again, Buen Camino!

I didn’t tell you that dear Alan presented Dan and I with a gift upon our pending separation… A figurine of Wonder Woman… Our very own Super Hero to lead us on our way!  In true Alan fashion, I have decided to name her Karma Too! (Karma for short!). Karma was the name of Alan’s boat that he sailed when he circumnavigated the world.  Jamie and Hanna taught us the importance of naming as it brings out the love and soul of the object!  Well today, Karma led us on our pose as we transition from our Camino to our next adventure!

We had arranged to meet Kim for breakfast, and of course we chose our little Italian restaurant in the centre of the old city for this meal (under Alan’s most enthusiastic recommendation!). Dan had the recommended bacon and eggs, and Kim and I had sautéed mushrooms with eggs… Both were excellent!
Being a procrastinator, I waited to do our Ryan Air online check in for this am at the restaurant!  I could check in, but needed to print my boarding passes… Bummer, one more thing to do at the hotel before checking out!

After breakfast, we decided to stroll around and through the Cathedral

 one last time to see if there were any other pilgrims we might run into from our Camino ( yes, we were hoping to see Sandra, but we will make a special trip to see her in Golspie in the highlands in a week or so).  It was really an interesting experience.  While Kim was reunited with a German she had walked with ( nicknamed “dad”) neither Dan nor I saw any of our own… It struck me that it was time to leave… Others around us were experiencing their own reunions, some tearful embraces, others with joyous laughter… The next generation was experiencing their own euphoric pleasures in the sharing of this great experience.

We slowly walked back towards our hotel… And we happened through the busy market that was situated in the old town just in front of our hotel…

At last it was time to say goodbye to the new sets member of our Fellowship, Kim.  While Kim only joined us on our last day of walking (lured by cookies from Lisa and a dinner invite from the gang) she has quickly found a place in our hearts!  She is going into month 2 of a 4 month sabadical…we can only hope that she has time to fit a quick visit to Canada in… If not this year, then perhaps next!

Back to the hotel we headed, and then onto the airport for our UK adventure!  Stay tuned as I will start up a new chapter in Pat and Dan Making Tracks!  Love to all back home, we miss you dearly, and Buen Camino to all our new family!  Until we meet again!

Ps… Here’s a picture of our superheroes heading out today ( thx to Lisa!!)


Again, Buen Camino Alan and Lisa !!!!

Pps… Arrived safe and sound in the UK… Sat beside an awesome fellow from Spain who was visiting family in Galicia, and ate 4 helpings of Pulpo from the restaurant where we fell in love with this wonderful dish!!! He says that we ate it in the best place in the world!!! Lucky us!!!

Will blog tomorrow from our new destination travels!!!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing about your next adventures. Xo


  2. …and so begins the next chapter!


  3. I am so impressed by your perserverence, stamina and enthusiasm. Not only did you “walk the walk” you finished each day with a 2000 word, illustrated essay! Thank you for allowing us to share this adventure vicariously with you. Congratulations on your buen camino and safe travels in the U.K. Nx


  4. I’m so glad you finished El Camino without mayor problems… Hope you enjoyed Spain, and remember if you happen to visit Pamplona again I’ll be happy to be your guide 😉


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