Day 10, Inverness to Glencoe

What a lovely day we had today! But first we want to wish the HAPPIEST ANNIVERSARY to our Alex and Jen! May you have many many more happy years together!!!   Our day started with a beautiful drive by Loch Ness… And as hard as we tried, even with special calls, we could not raise the monster Nellie!!! But she lives in a gorgeous lake!!
  We took a very scenic 1.5 lane road along the east side of the Loch and were treated to a wonderful walk by Foyers Falls.
         Once our delightful walk through the woods ( and doing the equivalent of 60 flights of stairs!!!) it was time to head to Ben Nevis!

We had a glorious day… Certainly the best since we arrived in Scotland! And while we weren’t planning on summiting the mountain ( my Camino legs just wouldn’t go there!) we planned on getting to the half way point! Serious climbing calls for serious energy, and we got that with the superheroe pose!

  Feeling energized we headed off to do battle with the mountain! The walking was tough, and the paths were built up in places with large granite stones! Thank goodness it wasn’t raining, cause they would have been treacherous!
 Suzanne and I decided to say uncle about 3/4 of the way to the half way mark… We thought heathy legs that still had some life in them would be needed to get off this mountain, so down we came!

 The views were stunning! So we savoured our time on the mountain…. Ok, so we sat and ate an apple while we had a bit of a rest! The sheep were hooting it up though… It was sheering time and mama didn’t like being separated from her babes!!! Then, when she did come out, she was soooo embarassed!!!
The wildlife was gorgeous… Green as green could be with sparkles of colour…

Rhododendrons growing wild in the forest with some towering at 20-30 ft high!!! Amazing!

We were soon all back at the car and ready to head to our B and B in Glencoe… What a magnificent area!!! We had a lovely dinner at an Inn hidden back in the dale, and afterwards took a walk along the beach out in front of our B and B…

 Tomorrow brings more great hiking before we set off to Oban! Looking forward to telling you all about it then! Goodnight!

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