Day 13, Oban to Keswick

Last evening we had quite a chat over a wee dram as to what we should do today en route to Keswick.  We talked about Stirling Castle, where Mary Queen of Scots spent many years, as well as Hadrians wall near Hexham, and perhaps the Oban distillery…. Not to mention a possible picnic on the shores of Loch Lomond.  So many choices!!!

When we got to our breakfast this morning the sun was shining and the temps promised to be plus 20. What an awesome day it was going to be… We chatted over our lovely meals and decided to forfeit all activities in order to get to Keswick early enough for a great walk, as the weather promised to change over the next couple of days.

In the car we went, with our GPS set for our B and B in Keswick!  It was sad to leave Oban and the highlands behind, but time for a new adventure!  Our first stop was a short lay by at Loch Lomond!

  The drive beside the Loch was beautiful, and a little hair raising at times… We were following a coach, and when it met another coach on the 11/2 track road there was barely a breath between them as they passed each other!

We were soon in the last stretch before Glasgow and on a 4 lane road when we turned south on the M74…. Only 2 hours to go for Keswick… And then the backup started!  Apparently there was a very serious accident and fire about 20 miles up the road and they closed the M road in both directions for miles!!! We managed to get off the highway after an hour and a quarter, and we pulled off at a lovely spot for lunch.
Good thing we had  a nice lunch!  When we got back on the road we again were stalled in traffic…. You know it’s  bad when the traffic reports say that the backups are at the point where if you don’t need to go that route…STAY HOME!  I felt like it was a forecast for a major blizzard!!!!
Anyway, we kept going, and 2 hours later we finally made it back into the M road and were heading ( at the prescribed speed) to our destination.  We tried to keep ourselves occupied while Dan drove!

The countryside was beautiful!  We were just sorry we couldn’t get out and walk!  Our 4.5 hour car ride had just turned into 8 plus!!!
We made it safe and sound just before dinner.  Our B and B is lovely, and the gardens are spectacular!

After a recon of the town, and a hearty dinner we came back to our B and B to chat about walks…we picked out a great one, that gives us a variety of lengths which allows us some flexibility with weather… All set!  Just one more look at our view and then off to bed!   Until tomorrow!


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  1. You are visiting many places mentioned in pipe tunes! Thank goodness you left early considering the detours. Beautiful area again.


  2. Keswick?!!! Sounds like home!!! I will miss your wonderful accounts of a fantastic journey.


  3. I was wondering when you were going to get the true British driving experience. And one day I shall tell you the tale of Loch Lommand and Rob Roy’s Cave,over a wee dram of course!


  4. Sweet pic with you & Dan!


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