Day 12, Oban, Mull-Staffa-Iona, Oban

Today was an early start… Out of the B and B before 7 and off to catch the ferry to some of the Hebrides Islands.  We had to skip breakfast at our B and B and got our meal on the Ferry over to Mull.

 No driving the car today! We opted for a package that included 3 ferry returns plus a bus trip across Mull. The day was absolutely perfect for our journey.  Relatively low winds so all crossings were pretty uneventful!

 Our first island was Mull.  A lovely place with mountains reaching over 3000 ft…also a very eventful ride as the coach we were on travelled down a single track road… With the odd passing area…a few heavy brakes in this mountainous region can certainly put the crimp on napping!!! (Although nothing gets in the way of Dan’s naps!). The driver kept us amused with interesting stories about the island, including how one magical standing stone actually allows cell reception when you stand touching the stone while making a call!  Line-ups on the weekends when everyone it trying to call their relatives!!!

The trip across the island was soon over, and time to get onto a smaller boat to Staffa.

 We didn’t know much about this little island before we left, so we’re absolutely amazed by it when we had an opportunity to explore.  Being a volcanic island the basalt formations are remarkable… Large hexagonal steps like the Giants’ causeway in Ireland… And a 200 ft deep cave that we got to explore taking a very precarious route!!! But it was worth it!

    Our next adventure was to go to the other end of the island to explore the puffins… Tons of seabirds in this sanctuary… We could have sat and watched them for hours!

 It was soon time to leave, and head over to Iona.  This is the island where St Columba came over from Ireland to start a monastery… He is also the person credited with the Book of Kells… The decorative artwork is very similar to that found in carvings throughout the island of Iona.

 After this lovely tour of the abbey and cloisters, we strolled through the island village and then boarded the ferry for the trip back to Mull, the bus across the island and the ferry back to Oban.

 Our B and B being the equivalent of 12 storeys above the main road, we decided to walk the town a bit and then head in for supper.

  A toast was made to our last evening in Scotland…  

And then back to our place for a wee dram while overlooking this magical setting!

I’m having troubles posting pics from my photos, so will have to leave you with a few I managed to pull over into this.  Leave it to say that the day was gorgeous, the setting spectacular and we will leave Scotland wishing we could stay much longer!

Until tomorrow!

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  1. Been to Mull a few times and it is wonderful but never to Staffa; our trip to the Outer Hebrides a few years back was amazing where we visited 7 islands in all I believe before returning to Oban. Cheers, G&G

    P.S. Scotland still remains my favourite place to visit!


  2. Beautiful all around. Hope you have a safe trip home!


  3. I hate missing one of the B’s in a B & B, but it’s usually for a worthwhile cause. Looks like this was well worth it.


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