Day 16, Grassington, Pen-y-Ghent

Woke up to a gorgeous day today!  15C and sunny! Just had to get our yo the garden for some shots of the amazing flowers and landscapes!

      Over breakfast today, we decided that our focus would be our toughest walk/climb… Pen-Y-Ghent.. Not the highest mountain in England, but one of the prettiest!  (She says before we actually begin our climb!!!)

We headed out for Horton on Ribbonsdale and left our car in the Nationsl Park car park.  Then walked back down the road about a 1/2 km to the turn in for the route.

 Getting ready for our big climb meant Superhero pose ( and yes Alan… We all made it into the pic this time!). We were planning to ascend on the rightness side of this pic, then descend down the left!

  Up, up, up we went again… About the same elevation ascent that we did for Cats Bells, but this peak kinda stands out from the rest of its surroundings!  Gentle at first…

Then a little steeper…

… And a little steeper!

Until we finally hit the steepest part… Lots of steps and 3 point climbing!!! But we made it!

After a lovely packed lunch, we started our descent… A little less hair raising but challenging for footing nonetheless …

Dan seemed to have made some new friends as well!

The scenery was lovely… Very different than the Lake District… Fewer peaks, rambling moor lands… Very Wuthering Heights kind of country…at one point, Dan found a yellow arrow pointing us in the way… Very reminiscent of our Camino journey!
The landscaped changed as we descended further, to lovely meadows with wild flowers…

 The ubiquitous sheep ( I guess that didn’t change!)

 and on into moss covered shaded lane ways…

 Our reward at the end of this adventure was to visit a pub, an old quarryman’s pub, at Helwith Bridge… Where 5 years ago Glenn and Gwen and I had a beer poured for Dan…he had finally come to collect!

 Everyone had a happy ending today!!!

Off to our B and B we headed for a quick freshen up before dinner…on our way there we saw the most interesting cattle I think I’ve seen… They are called Belted Galloway… I wonder why???

 Suzanne and I saw a cafe where we might have dinner, but it was vetoed by the guys!!!! Just no fun!!!

 Well another spectacular day!!! Tomorrow, maybe no mountains!!!   Until then!

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  1. Glad you got good weather for this one as it can be nasty in the rain! G&G


  2. Your Super Heroes were afraid of an Olde Naked Man …..?????


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