Day 20, Explore London!

Black out curtains sure make a difference this time of year!  I woke up thinking it was the wee hours, and it was 8:15!!! Time to get shaking if we want to have a good day in London!

We’re staying out at an airport hotel, so our first task was to get an Oyster card and figure out how to get into town from our hotel!  Pretty simple actually… One bus outside our door to Houndslow west Station, then the Piccadilly line all the way in to the British library where we visited their rare and historic collection…. Pretty amazing items from original manuscripts of music ( Beethoven to the Beatles) books, historic documents, religious writings and much more!!!

By this time we had worked up quite an appetite, so it was off to the borough market for sightseeing and lunch!!!


One of the delicacies I had yet to try in all my visits was the raclette on new potatoes…. Have to say it was divine!!!

We also sampled a lamb kabob from another vendor, and again to great success!!!

 Having filled  our tummies an explored the market, it was time to move on!  We decided it was such a great day that we would walk until our feet have out!!! First stop, London Bridge to catch a view of Tower Bridge!

Then along Canon and Fleet Streets to St Paul’s Cathedral…

From there we decided to check out the street theatre at Covent Garden, and then a stop at a Canadian hangout in London!

And of course we had to get our taste buds used to Canadian Beer once again …. Here’s to Sleeman’s Honey Brown Ale!!!

 Refreshed, we headed over to Trafalger Square and saw them setting up for the West End performances in the square this weekend… Even caught a rehearsal of one of the scenes from Billy Elliot! ( even though the back drop is for a different show!)


Once we had our full of the preshow, we headed past Canada House and on to Picadilly Circus.  And more street theatre and the accompanying crowds!

We walke up Regent street to Carnaby Street then into Liberty’s for a quick peak around… By this time we were pretty exhausted…

 Time for a quick gelato, then back to our hotel for a late dinner and final packing!

We’ve had such a wonderful trip over the past 8 weeks!  We met many new friends, had an opportunity to get time with old friends, and are looking forward to getting back home to friends and family!

We have an early morning flight tomorrow (8:30) which means we leave the hotel at 5:30!!!  Better sign off for now!  It’s been a blast writing!  Hope you all have enjoyed!  Until tomorrow!

Categories: UK, A different kind of Pilgrimage!


  1. It has been a real treat reading about your adventures. Thank you Pat!


  2. Wow !
    I think that’s all I can say …..


  3. Oh and also – Thank you so much for letting us all tag along on such an amazing adventure.
    Safe journey home.


  4. Have a safe journey home and I shall look forward to seeing you in the autumn.


  5. P.S. I meant to say that I really like the angle that you shot St. Pauls instead of the standard straight on approach! G


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