Day 21, London to Toronto

Early morning, good flight, 1000’s of bags on the arrival baggage carrier, but we made it safe and sound!

Had a wonderful reunion with Alex and Jen and Pete and Ana!!!

Early train for Brockville tomorrow and then we can sleep in our own bed!!! Oh the Bliss!!!

Goodnight all!

Categories: UK, A different kind of Pilgrimage!


  1. Welcome Home! G&G

    P.S. Time to start planning our canoe trip!


  2. Hi Pat, Hope you get notice of this by email. I tried calling a couple of times with a number I found online but it didn’t work. Do you see my e-dress to respond to or can you only reply to these posts? Don’t really want to provide my e-dress online for all the world to see but I will if you don’t have it. I’d love to get together with you for some tips and tricks for my own journey starting mid-August. YIKES!


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