A New Adventure is about to unfold!

Dan and I are about to embark on another trekking adventure.  This time it is relatively close to home, and while we have plans to walk 350 km or so, we will be using a system of car “leapfrog” so that camping gear, food supplies, spare water, and of course wine will not have to be carried through or entire trek!

Our plans are to hike the most northerly 350 Km of the Bruce Trail on Ontario.  This trail follows the Niagara escarpment from Niagara Falls in the south through to the most northern tip of the Bruce Pennisula lying between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.  We will be starting our hike at Duncan, and ending at Tobermory.

The trail is spectacular ( or so I have been told), but is far more remote than the Camino.  No quaint villages every 3-5 Km’s where you can get a Cafe con Leche, or a cooling bottled drink.  There is also no Albergues, and while the prospect of never having to share a room with 50 or more people has its appeal, we will be spending 11 of the 17 nights on the trail in a tent, sleeping on the ground!  Now you know why I chose not to carry 20-25 KG on my back everyday!

Dan and I have been doing some practise walking, and Dan has planned out our route impeccably!  The other great news is that with a relatively “local” trek, we can easily be joined by friends at both the beginning and the end of our journey!  If anyone else would like to join, please drop me a line and I can give you coordinates for meeting up with us!

As it stands now, our plan is to begin on August 19th, and trek until our 35th wedding anniversary on September 5th!  Stay tuned for updates (hopefully daily) on our next adventure.

Categories: Bruce Trail 2016 - A True Canadian Trek!


  1. Thanks for including me in your adventures !
    If you are around our area , please visit.
    Dianne xo


  2. Sounds like a great plan. I wish Buen Camino and good weather on your adventure.


  3. Looking forward to seeing/hearing the daily updates! It’s like Camino all over again!! 🙂


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