Bruce Trail Adventure Day 1

Our day started out in two very different places!  Because Dan and I brought both cars ( I’ll get into that later) Dan had the flexibility to visit the International Taoist Tai Chi Centre in Orangeville.  He opted to stay there overnight and attend the weekly Thursday evening classes… Apparently he learned the complexities of “wash the rice bowl” and “wave hands like clouds.”  I chose to stay with Ian and Suzanne, and after a lovely dinner with Pete in Toronto last night we were ready to begin our journey!

Suzanne, Ian and I arrived in two cars and met Dan at our Treehouse B and B.  From there we jockeyed 2 cars into the final and then starting position and began our trek.  We started our journey just outside of Duncan, and ended close to Eugenia.  And, of course, the superhero pose was requisite!

Our route followed some spectacular forest covered terrain up and down, and up and down the escarpment.  A little slow going, and tough footing, but we all made it safely through.

The weather was great!  Getting into the high 20’s, but humid, so the forest walk was a welcome relief.

Sometimes the path reminded us of old roman roads on the Camino…

… And sometimes the path was just country roads..

But the day continued to reward us with spectacular vistas like this one that overlooks a ski hill in the Beaver Valley.

Or this one of large sections of the escarpment partially severed and ready to fall!

Or this one that features a field full of competing asters and golden rod ( sorry to say the season for poppies is long past!)All in all our trek was between 15-17 km, with a total of over 125 flights of stairs equivalent climbed!  Feet are doing great, but ankles and calves are a little tender ( and yes, I did all my stretches!!! Let’s hope it helps tomorrow!!!)

Our last Kilometer seemed endless as we approached the road our vehicle was on, and then it appeared and we were relieved to fall into the comfy seats!

This trail is quite different from the Camino… No cafes every 3-7 km that serve you energizing cafe con leche, or limone, or make you your lunch for that matter! We need to carry all our fluids for the day, and our lunch and snacks.  Not carrying what we did in the Camino, but need to ensure we have enough liquids to see us the distance.  Dan brought a water filter, but many of the stream beds were dry.  Tomorrow, we will carry more!

But this evening, Ian, Suzanne, Dan and I celebrated our successful start to this Canadian Trek ( apparently the oldest established walking trail in Canada)

And, of course, an isotonic beverage was in order!

And now it’s watching olympics and enjoying the luxury we will have with our B and B for the next 3 nights.  After this, it’s camping for the next 11!

Well it’s time to sign off!  We’ll chat soon!

Categories: Bruce Trail 2016 - A True Canadian Trek!


  1. Pat this is so great. We have talked about doing this. I will be following your journey. Maybe we need to open a B and B or 2 along the trail!


  2. With you all the way! Happy trails!


  3. Oh good for you – you have begun. The pictures are beautiful – thank you for sharing them. The sign that read “Bruce Trail” was nice to see again -FROM MY CHAIR! πŸ˜‚ Have a great day. I’m looking forward to following your journey -FROM MY CHAIR!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Stay safe and have fun.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


  4. Looks like the dream!! Nothing like a beverage after 17k of walking in the sun… Hopefully you caught the men’s 100m relay.


  5. I lived and worked in Orangeville 30 years ago. Interesting to hear of that stop. Love the big rock formations. Make sure you do your foot exercises. πŸ˜›


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