Day 2, Beaverton Valley Including Hogg and Eugenia Falls

Our day started at a reasonable time today, with Breakfast being brought into our suite for 8 by our lovely hostess, Sonja.  By 9 we were out the door to meet the Glens at the parking lot at Eugenia Falls.  From there, we all piled into our car and drove to our beginning point, parking in a farmers field on Johnston’s Side Rd.  Our aim today was to go about 14-15 km… We ended up doing 18.5!

When we parked the car we approached the interpretive sign and discovered that today’s hike is one that is twined with the Pacific Coast trail in the rain forest of Costa Rica.  The very hike that Ian and Suzanne are planning to do in Feb 2017!

We were looking forward to a beautiful day ( 28C and humid) with a walk through beautiful forests and beside ageless waterfalls.  Little did we know at the time that we were walking the trail backwards.  Essentially the up hill route!!! (Fun fact we learned from the server tonight at dinner!!). 

Undaunted by what we did not know, we set out!

Ahhh, the look of innocent anticipation!  But I digress!!

The woodlands were magical with the morning sun!

It had been rained the previous night and everything just seemed to come alive!  A very cool assortment of fungi sprang to life along the path with this newfound moisture.

We also saw this fine lady guarding the trail, waiting to catch some unwary visitors.

All this flourished in just one day!  Pretty amazing!

Our trek took us by some lovely streams, making us pause to listen to the peaceful babble as a backdrop to the morning bird songs.

And of course it gave us a reason to stop, have a drink and do some posing!

Whether it was the euphoria of seeing all this water today, or simply the fact that Suzanne and I were chatting more than checking trail blazes, as the lead walker I took my flock astray and around a farm where the path rudely dumped us along the roadside!  Our choice was to double back ( doing this by memory) or to follow the road and catch the trail a couple of Kms further down.  We opted for the latter!  The great thing was we could now walk 2 abreast, and great conversations ensued!

Nothing like getting caught up with great friends while you’re out for a stroll!  

We soon found the trail, and were once again back heading towards Hogg Falls.  The place was stunning!  This is what we had as our view during our lunch break!

Refueled and ready to head into our last leg for the day we set out!  We were greeted with more woodland wonderland…

Peaceful meadows…

… And interesting architecture!

We soon came to a brief exit onto a side road, followed that for about 100 m, and then back onto the trail with an encouraging sign indicating only 1.5 km to Eugenia Falls.  We were re energized and ready to make the final push.  Little did we know that that push would be entirely up hill!!! Take this picture and multiply by 100!!! ( remember earlier when I said that we did the route backwards???)

Well, I guess we needed to reach the top of the escarpment to enjoy our view of the falls!!  To put their height into perspective, there are 3 bikini clad teens at the top !!

Here’s what the gorge looked like from their standpoint. (Hey, I was young once.  I can get there too- sorry to disappoint, but it was sans the bikini… Those days are loooong gone!)

Well, the parking lot beckoned, and we were soon off to pick up our car and then to the b and bs where our showers awaited.  All in all, we trekked about 18.5 km up and down (over and over) the valley walls.  The equivalent of over 150 storeys!  To put this into perspective, Dan and I climbed 200 storeys on day one of our Camino, climbing 16 Km to our hostel in the Pyrenees!!  Today was a lot less net elevation gain to show for our efforts!  I guess I’ll be paying much closer attention to those elevation lines in the future!

As always the day ended with our isotonic beverages, great conversation and a wonderful meal.

We’re sad to see Ian and Suzanne head home tomorrow ( they unfortunately didn’t look too disappointed at the prospect of NOT walking with us tomorrow!!!).  We will miss their company, but are looking forward to the next stage of our adventure.  We’re expecting thunder showers tonight with a mostly cloudy and much cooler day tomorrow.  Stay tuned to hear how our adventures are going.  We have one more night in our lovely B and B tomorrow, and then it’s on to much humbler accommodations.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the posts up throughout the trek.  You’ll definitely be hearing from me tomorrow.

For now, a good night to all!  Time to plan our adventure for tomorrow!!

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  1. We’ve loved the walk and our time together. We will follow your progress with great interest;will miss the beauty of the walk and your company.


  2. Good for you. Love the beautiful pictures. Thank you. You are doing so well so far. Way to go. Keeping your boots tight and your liquids up mean you are going to do just fine as you travel on. Good for you.


  3. I always feel relieved when you post your end-of-the-day glass of wine šŸ™‚ you make me smile with your detours…all part of the experience…the view from the escarpment is incredible ! hoping you are warm and dry and safe somewhere tonight……Cathy


  4. Beautiful! My favourite pictures so far. The picture of the meadow reminded me of Avondale (N.S.) where my grandfather lived and the location of my happiest memories.


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