Day 4, Fast forward to Harrison Park, Owen Sound

It’s amazing what a weight off your shoulders a revised plan can be!  We woke up at a leisurely hour of 7:30, and got ourselves packed up for the day.  ( Me, I took advantage of my ensuite for one last “private” shower with a hairdryer!!!).

At 8:30, Sonja knocked on our door with yet another wonderful carb and protein rich breakfast to see us on our way!

Once breakfast was done we were off! I let Dan program his Garman for directions to Owen Sound, and it never ceases to amaze me the creative shortcuts it will give us. Ian, and Suzanne will remember the Graham side RD. We parked on this as our destination or for our first day hiking. Well the road is pretty interesting, and very steep in parts. Dan and I took it back to the B and B last night, and I commented to him that it was a good thing I didn’t drive my car cause the road was treacherous!! Well, low and behold we were directed to the same road, only today the road crew were out to save me from dropping a tire into a washed out rut!!

We made it to the campground, and were told that check in would be at 1! Into town we went to find a few provisions. 

 By the time we came back, our campsite had been vacated; but our next door neighbor was a huge “Airstream”, and our lot was little more than mud and pebbles. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to see if we could move to another site, and Dan patiently went along with my request… We ended up with a beautiful spot backing into the Sydenham River, only about 100 m from the loo!!! Perfect!!!

By the time we got our camp settled we were ready to explore a small part of the Bruce that intersected with this park.  Off we went to explore Inglis Falls.  It was interesting, because there were parts of the trail where they were clearly trying to make it more accessible….

..and then there were parts that were nothing short of paths to hell!!

The journey was well worth the effort!

We once again saw lots of cool rock formations.  It actually appeared that the cedar roots were wrapping themselves around giant rock outcropping a, saving them from falling to the valley far below!  Kinda freaky cause the trail crossed these crevices several times!!!

On our way back we saw a couple Salmon fishing on the river. Apparently there are wildlife preserves that have created spanning habitat to keep the stock plentiful!

Once back at camp it was time for our evening libation! A restful day with only 8.5 km and 36 floors… My kinda day!

Dan is busy making supper while I write this so perhaps I should lend a hand!

Mmmm, pasta carbonara!  Thanks Alan for teaching us the secret!

Dinner’s done and we wonder down to the camp registration office to get the wifi to post this (Props to Owen Sound for providing free wifi) and we here a wonderful concert going on in the park!  Dan has gone ahead to listen…

And just Beside Dan, what should we see but a Tai Chi group!

Well dusk is settling in, we’d better get back to our “home”.  Tomorrow we are doing a piece of the trail between Owen Sound and Wiarton. Promises to be beautiful, stay tuned I’ll be posting tomorrow!

Categories: Bruce Trail 2016 - A True Canadian Trek!


  1. Wow! A real adventure again. Your tent looks like a mansion compared to mine. Is it back-packable? Stay safe. Buen Camino.


  2. Wow! A real adventure again. Your tent looks like a mansion compared to mine, which is just big enough for one human and two small bears, though it is supposed to be for two humans! Stay safe. Buen Camino!


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