Day 7, Purple Valley Rd entrance to Wiarton

We went to bed last night expecting thunderstorms, and not even a drop!  The tent was quite warm, air temp was 20C overnight, but with the possibility of rain we needed to keep it buttoned up!  Oh well, we survived despite the occasion truck revving up the hill or an early morning departure at 5 am!! ( shades of the Camino!)

Today we decided to just take one car out and then walk back to our tent site as it is on the trail.  Our journey was in excess of 17 K up and down and all around!

We started at an access Rd about .5 k from the trail.

When we reached the trail we were greeted with a view of the escarpment we had trekked along yesterday!

We again walked through mixed forest over cushy paths, and paths not so cushy!

This was certainly a day for poison ivy!  We walked through so many thickets of it, I stopped counting!  Fortunately neither Dan nor I have had a reaction, so I’m hoping we’re both blessed with an immunity!  Here’s what it looked like!

Just a few minutes down the trail from this we met Brad coming the other way.  He was on day 29 of his end to end trek! Still in high spirits, and going strong.  We’re hoping to meet up with him at our next camp site and share a dram or two and hear more about his experiences.  He been doing a blog as well that you can find on Facebook by searching @travelingredbeard.  He says he’s uploaded instructional videos as well!  Looking forward to having wifi and a power plug in so I can have a look!  In the meantime, here’s Brad!

The woods were also a very enchanting place today, perhaps because we passed by Spirit Rock, but a swear I heard faerie laughter!  Could they live here???

Kinda condo Faerie living, or how about this habitat for those who prefer a little more privacy!!

We also saw what could be a trolls den!!! (More likely a fox, but hey, I have a vivid imagination !!)

The woods, along with the vistas provided lots of entertainment today…

But between the poison ivy ( as seen earlier), the sink holes…

And the many many crevices we encountered through both the forest and the edges of a number of farmers fields, our eyes spend more time looking down than up at the view!

Or how about this… 

Those crevices are 10-20 ft deep, and some deeper!  No getting your iPhone out of there if it gets dropped!!!

We were soon at the top of Spirit Rock.  Long story, but a romantic one… A sort of Roneo and Juliet.  Clearly quite a few people come hiking here as there was a steel spiral stair case with steel hand rails ( somewhat rickety) below that.  

I used my hiking poles for support here… The handrail, not to mention the stone steps were somewhat suspect! 

Soon we were at the bottom, and walking along the shores of Colpoy’s Bay.  Just beautiful!

Just past this I spotted and interesting rock covered in fossils.  If anyone can identify them, please let me know.  Suffice it to say that it’s pretty amazing to walk over a rock that has the footsteps embedded from a millions years ago!!

Only a couple of k left to go when what should I find by the roadside???? A poppy!!!! What a tough little creature to be blossoming this late in the season!

We were back at our site within a half hour.  Dying for a shower ( it was about 29 C and humid) we had to get into the car and go pick up the other one!  Poor planning on my part cause all my clean clothes were in Dan’s car, parked at the start of our trek.  Oh well, 30 min later we were back at the campsite and off for the showers.  Then excitement upon excitement we went to the laundromat and now have clean fresh laundry!!!

Back at camp, we made a simple meal of chili, washed down with a lovely bottle of Primativo!  My hero has made us a lively fire to boot!

Time to get the dishes done, and then enjoy a last glass of wine before the fire!  Until we meet again!!

Categories: Bruce Trail 2016 - A True Canadian Trek!


  1. Love your posts Pat. Are you up for a Rideau walk in September? No crevices, no roots, no fungi, but a lake, a shower and a bottle, or 2 of wine.


  2. Again the pictures are just beautiful. I’m surprised to learn there are people by themselves hiking the Bruce Trail. I also love your posts Pat. Hope this day is a little cooler up there for your continued journey, Good for you and I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing.


  3. You meet such interesting people on your travels! So glad we haven’t lost you to the crevces…


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