Day 12, a day of unintended Rest!

Dan and I were up early to what looked like a lovely day.  Managed to get our breakfast in and our camp packed up, and then we heard what sounded like thunder way off in the distance.

We decided to get the cars positioned… The weather said 30% chance of thunder…it hasn’t panned out yet, and we thought we’d try our luck.  We no sooner got to our starting point, and the rain started!  Then the thunder moved in, and this is what we saw from our sunroof!

We thought we would wait it out, and it finally stopped an hour later!  Everything was soaked, and I felt the woods and rocks would be treacherous with all this water. We decided to call it a day and move onto our B and B, and then do some recon for the rest of our trip. And besides, my ankle was ready for a day of rest!

It was a good thing that we took the day off!  Dan was reading in Brad’s blog (@travelingredbeard) that he was caught in the rain, managed to get his poncho on and take cover, but he was still soaked at by the end of the storm.  When he continued his walk, he said the rocks were like ice, and he slipped a couple of times and fell… Not what I call recreation!

We headed into Tobermoray and had our lunch

Then onto a Boat Tour spot to check out a sunset tour that had a high recommendation.  I think the guardian of the office was unimpressed!

From there we visited the Parks Canada Visitors centre to confirm parking locations throughout the park for our hiking on the weekend. I asked about the beautiful blue flower I saw in McKays Harbour yesterday by the shore- it was a fringed gentian!  I also was checking out some of the fungi I had photographed!  My favourite was the crowned coral!  It was a very cool spot!

We then checked out some of the access points and parking areas, so we knew where we needed to go.  The National Park is fully booked for campers over this coming long weekend, and we understand the parking lots will be filled by 8:30!!! No sleeping in this weekend!

After our exploring we came back to our little home… Tough to beat camping, but I’m willing to try this for a few nights!

We then drove back to Lions Head for a nice supper then back to our B and B for a lovely chat with Ina, our hostess! 

A lovely restful day all in all!  Ready to hit the trail again tomorrow.  Until then, have a good night!  

Categories: Bruce Trail 2016 - A True Canadian Trek!


  1. It’s the choices we make in life that determine who we are, and you have made a good choice there. Stay safe.


  2. You are wise! Good for you. Stay safe


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