Day 13, Cape Chin South to Cape Chin North

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day with an expected high of 22 C.  Ina had a large pot of coffee ready for us when we came out, and a delicious breakfast followed!  It even featured dandelion jelly… Pretty amazing stuff!!!

Well energized we were ready to hit the trail and off we went to position the cars.  I must say positioning cars can eat up a far amount of time in the day, but we’re having lots of fun discovering all the back, back, back roads of the Pennisula!

After a day of rest we were both excited to get going!

The paths were gentle, covered in sponging loam… Pretty easy walking!  Maybe the trekking spirits were taking pity on my tired legs!

Don’t get me wrong.  We still had some rocky paths and some up and down, but this was the “lightest” day we’ve had on the trail.

There was quite an assortment of venues, from woods walking, to rocky paths like these…

The geological formations continued to impress with their signs of both physical and chemical erosion!

Of course there were more treacherous paths close the the edge of the escarpment

Or like this!

But the vistas always made up for the slightly elevated heart rate!

Looks like someone fancies a drink break!!!

Today’s path also presented some interesting sites as well.  Such as this lovely den, guarded by faeries, living in the entrance toadstool!

Or this dead tree that has clearly has been ravaged by a bear looking for insects!

Our trail also took us inland a bit.  We got to see a kettle lake…

And walk through some farmers fields…

… By some interesting tree bark ( no wonder birch bark canoes were popular!)

Or how about this poplar trunk!

We met up with another”Dan” who was doing the trail end to end from Owen Sound.  Interestingly, his wife is a Pat as well… She doesn’t hike. ( I didn’t know that was an option!!!). We travelled with him for a while and were able to fill up his water bottles with some spring water we had in our car… Nice meeting, perhaps we’ll see him again on the trail over the weekend!

The day was a little shorter than usual, both in distance ( about 11 km) and in degree of difficulty ( only about 18 flights of stairs today). But the variation in topography as well as the views made it most rewarding!

The shortened day has allowed us to go in search of laundry facilities in Tobermoray .  I tell ya, some girls have all the fun!!

Well, once the laundry was in, we wandered across the street , and what did we find??

What can I say…it was a moment of weakness!!! …. And very effectively helped to pass the time.

We intended on stopping at the Lone Wolf take out for fish and chips, but it was closed!  So back we came towards town again, and finally settled into our isotonic drinks for the day.

Btw, that cider that I’m drinking has come to Tobermoray all the way from South Africa.  Makes me feel kinda special!!!

From here, back to the B and B, then ready for more trekking tomorrow.  Until then!

Categories: Bruce Trail 2016 - A True Canadian Trek!


  1. Didn’t you have a interesting day yesterday. A beautiful hike, new people, lovely views, good food and drink and ice cream to boot! What a day! You have almost reached your goal – you are doing so well. It is such a pleasure to follow along, see your wonderful pictures and read your excellent blog. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy and stay well.


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