Day 15, Crane Lake Access to High Dump Access

Well, if the title doesn’t have you captivated I don’t know what will!!! Anyway, I digress…. Our day started early this am, leaving the B and B before breakfast to position the first car on Emmett Lake RD, access to the High Dump ( OK, it’s technically High Log Dump… A site used to stock pile logs during the winter, then they were rolled into the water at spring breakup and floated to the mill).

Once back Ina prepared us a wonderful breakfast !

Just finished our breakfast as Glenn and Gwen arrived at our B and B, right on time at a half an hour early!  We packed up our car and off we went to our starting point.

Newbies at the superhero pose, Glenn and Gwen performed like champs!

The trail was very very kind in the beginning!

Gave us a chance to get caught up on each other’s lives.  But sometimes Dan needs a little encouragement to…

Soon we got on some real trails!  The humpbacked monster reared its ugly back!

We found some pretty funky bridges over rocks… Not sure which I prefer!

On a more gentler note, we also found one of the last Cardinal flowers of the year.

Beside a lovely marshy lake… Come to think of it, the path that I used to get to this picture was probably cleared by a bear!

Speaking of which, when we reached the High Log Dump camp site ( for hikers only) you not only had to descend this perilous rocky cliff with the aid of a rope, but you had this gentle reminder as well!

From here the going got a lot tougher!  Lots and lots of up and down and walking along perilous eroding rock faces.

We soon found a perfect lunch spot, with the perfect view, of course!

Back to the up and down again!!!

All for the payout of more beautiful vistas.

Gwen suffered from some hotspots on her feet, and we stopped for some foot first aid!

We continued on our hike, and found some really cool things… Like this moss and root apartment building for chipmunks…

Or this wonderful “green man” face made out of roots!

Or this faerie suburb!

Or this handsome couple!

A few more great vistas, and photo ops…

Then we hit the side trail out to the car… 17 km later, and a few sore feet! Time to get to the cars, and get our showers and then off for our isotonic drinks!

We had a lovely meal… And now it’s time to get back to our humble ( and I do mean humble!!!) abode!  Not sure there’s enough wine in our case to prepare me for this creative camping experience!  Thank goodness Gwen and Glenn are good sports!!! ( Yes everyone, we are ALL sleeping in the same one room cabin!   

It’s an early morning again tomorrow!  Looking forward to updating you all then!

Categories: Bruce Trail 2016 - A True Canadian Trek!


  1. Lovely pictures; challenging hike. Congrats to all for a job well done.


  2. You are surly having a great time. The pictures continue to be amazing -love the super hero and heroine poses. Good job. I am fascinated by the colour of the water close to the shore on most of the pictures. I really wasn’t aware of that phenomenon in upper Ontario. Interesting. Enjoy your day and be careful of those black furry fellows out there! Thanks for sharing. Great job you folks. 👏👏👏


  3. High Dump…the story of my life! What a beautiful day! You have had such great weather! We are at the cottage enjoying the best swimming/kayaking/boating/ sleeping weekend of the summer. Looks like you are too!


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