Day 18, Little Cove to the Cairn in Tobermory 

First of all, let me wish a happy 35th wedding anniversary to my main man Dan!  If hiking for 18 days on the Bruce doesn’t prove my love, I’m not sure anything will!!

Back to more mundain events of our typical hiking day!!

We woke up a little later this am (7 instead of 6!) and began packing up our gear to check out.  After breakfast was done and the cars packed, we headed off to drop one car in Tobermory and the other two at the Little Cove parking lot.

Today marked our last day of hiking, and of course a Superhero pose was in order to grant us strength ( and safety from roots and rocks) for our finally push!

We headed out on the dirt road, and within .5 km we turned into a lovely farm meadow, filled with apple trees, golden rod, tall ferns and lots of snakes I’m sure!

Our trek was quite varied today.  Not only did we see lovely meadows..

But we also crossed a golf course!!

Of course, our trail also dished up some of our usual challenges…ups…

And downs…

With lots of moss covered rock ledges…

Monster roots…

Dens for small animals…

And for larger ones!

We had an opportunity for a lovely view or two as well.

Within a half hour or so we arrived at the National Park visitors Centre.  Glenn and I climbed the observation tower and were able to see all the way to Manitoulin Island!  We could also look back on the many cliff points that Dan and I had hiked over the past couple of weeks!

I then went into the Visitors Centre and reported my sighting of the rattlesnake.  They have a log book for sightings, so I got to fill that out as well…

Off we went for the last half k, and into Tobermory and the Cairn!  Celebrations were definitely in order!!!

From here we changed our sweaty clothes ( yes the day had heated up to about 27C) and went to the local pub to celebrate!

A few hours later and we soaked up the showers at Glenn and Gwen’s, and then it was time for a libation!

I’m not sure about you, but I think I’m ready for a refill!  Thanks for keeping us company along this journey!  Looking forward to keeping you all posted on our next adventure!!

Until then…

Categories: Bruce Trail 2016 - A True Canadian Trek!


  1. Happy Anniversary Pat and Dan. I loved following your big adventure! Sleep well.


  2. Happy trails you two. What a wonderful journey of love and may I say grit!


  3. Congratulations on both the a I erasers and the hike. It has been such a pleasure to follow along . Loved your commentary and the pictures were just outstanding. Have a nice rest – Agains thanks.


  4. Well done and congratulations. I’ve enjoyed following your adventure and I wish you both many more.


  5. CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary and your amazing accomplishment!


  6. Pat and Dan, Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated #2!! This is the first day we got your blog so we are a bit behind but send our love and hope to see you when you get back.
    Carolion and Ken


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