Day 17, Grotto to Little Cove

I left of yesterday’s post a little early, so I’ll start with our lovely sunset cruise from last night.  The interesting part was that we saw where we would be hiking today, only from ground level!

Here’s some of the shoreline from our cruise.

Or how about a precursor of the one of many rocky beaches we would have to cross…

We also got the best view of the “Grotto”… From the water!

Given the number of people there at 7:45pm, we were fine avoiding it today!!

And of course, the sunset over Georgian Bay was spectacular!

Well, back at our hacienda, the guys had a nightcap, and Gwen and I got ready for bed!  We were all exhausted, and hoping for an uneventful night!  Hallelujah!!! We were in bed by 10, and nobody got up until the alarm went off at 6am!!! Super bonus!

Our day today was going to be long… Somewhere between 15-18 km.  Little did we know how precarious the trail would be!  But I’m getting ahead of myself… First, let’s get started as Superheroes!!!

Our track started quite pedantic… Around the Cyprus lake in the park…

Easy boardwalk walking with Melonie and her dog Quick!

Life was easy going so far, so we had a little fun!  Can you tell we had a little energy to burn??

Little did Gwen know that we were soon going to cross a bouldery cove!  Ouch… Not what you want to warm up your ankles on!

From there, the day was up and down like a toilet seat!  Walking along this coral ankle breaking top layer, we were ready to break into tears!

It was busy on the trail.  The benefit to us is that we actually had someone to take a photo of us when we got one of our wonderful vistas!

Speaking of meeting people, here’s John Lee looking to climbing down a ” pothole” to gain access to the cave “Overhanging Cliff”!

After much up and down, and yes, a few more pebbled beaches we retreated into the woods where we saw some kettle lakes… Just look at those Cardinal flowers… Stretching their season into September.

Our walk took us through tough coral eroded rock formations, cove scree, and forest meadows.  We even saw the deepest “sinkhole” on the trail… A collapsed cave, that had to have been 100 feet deep! Just amazing!! Although to think that you’re walking along this trail and something like this could happen at any time is a little daunting!  Especially at the end of the day when feet are sore and ankles are tired!

We had some great photo ops along the escarpment!

Lots more ups and downs before our day came to a close…this one even had a rope assist!

Or how about this rock cut like a pan of brownies!!!

It’s always fun when you need to giant step across crevices that drop into the bay!!! Another fun thing we saw on the trail was this baby Massassauga Rattler!

Our trail ended today on a long weekend crowded cove, packed with people squeezing the last of the good weather out of their time off!  Unfortunately many of them had their towel strung across the trail!

Here’s the timid parking lot that we pulled out of with cars parked up and down the entire road!  Clearly we got there early, and got a great spot… But we saw people trying to get into the National Park at 8:30, and all parking was gone by 8:00 am!!!

So I’m done for the day!  We’ve had a wonderful meal at the Tobermory Brew Pub, and are heading home for a night cap by the fire!  Stay tuned to see if Dan and I actually make it to our 35 the anniversary tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow marks the end of this adventure and the beginning of many more!  Stay tuned for my last installment!

Categories: Bruce Trail 2016 - A True Canadian Trek!


  1. Happy 35 th anniversary tomorrow.


  2. Wow! It is hard to believe it has already been 17 days. I am playing catch up tonight! Congratulations and best wishes on your anniversary.


  3. Amazing pictures! We’ve been following all along. Hope you guys have a great 35th tmrw!!! ❤️❤️


  4. I just love your writing, especially your metaphors mixed with auto correct. 😉😘


  5. Wow – what a last day of hiking! Up, down, ropes and snakes, caves and “sinkholes” all of which you captured in pictures! Wonderful. Thank you for sharing your journey. Happy, Happy Anniversary . Enjoy your day.💐


  6. Happy 35th Anniversary Pat and Dan. Thinking of you. Cathy and Garry.


  7. Happy Anniversary today! Thinking of you both and looking forward to seeing you when you get back!


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