Day 16, Emmet Lake Side Rd to the Grotto

I bet you are all wondering how our night went in our humble 1 room abode!

Well, the evening ended with a little bit of scotch and wine consumption!  Anything to help us drift sweetly into the dark night.  Conversation began to dwindle at about 10, and it was clear we were already to get some shut eye!  Of course, with the bathrooms a good 500 meters away, you can bet what was on my mind as I drifted off to sleep! 

An hour later, I’m lying in bed thinking maybe I should get up and take the pause that refreshes when all of a sudden there a crash, boom, crackle on the other side of the room!  In Glenn’s defence it was so dark you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face!  I tried to lend some light with my watch (which surprisingly enough lit up that you could at least see in that black room)… Long story short, Glenn ( Crash Manderson, as christened by Gwen)was up twice, I was up twice and Gwen was up once… The squeak on the door was like a siren!  Dan, having a true gift for sleep, didn’t wake up once!!!

Our alarm went off at 6, and we began to get ready… It was a little slow, had to cook outside and it was only about 8C!  We had some long drives in to position our cars for our short hike today … All in all we it the trail by 8:20.  Why you ask???? Because parking our cars in the National park any later than 8 am would ensure we had no space in which to park!!!!

We were soon off for our short, but forewarned challenging adventure!

You know it’s going to be tough when this is your first 100 m!

Always intriguing geology!  As we went further the rock surface seemed to be extremely pockmarked… I suspect it was formerly coral formations…

Whatever it was, it was the nastiest walking surface that we have found so far… But wait, it actually gets worse!  But I get ahead of myself!

We were just going about 8-10 km today, but on a very difficult track.  Lots of challenging ups and downs…

But the ups and downs were well worth the pain as the vistas once again were outstanding!

Or how about this!

Then there’s the muggers!

As I said earlier, the path became challenging once again, but in a different way.  We had now descending to the shoreline, and were blessed with walking along the scree!  Oh joy!!!

But it gave us this lovely approach to the Grotto ( we’re saving the actual visit for tomorrow because we hope to be there at 7:30!  Before the hordes!!)

We had a lovely lunch, and oh what a view!

We headed back along the trail to our first car, and then back home.  A short day, so the hammock was strung up and a nap was in order.  Once our afternoon ablutions were completed we headed out to dinner, and of course our isotonic drink!

And now we’re off for a sunset cruise!  Hopefully I’ll be able to postboxes updates tonight!!!

Categories: Bruce Trail 2016 - A True Canadian Trek!


  1. I will miss your updates Pat.


  2. “YA done good kids.”πŸŒ»πŸ‘πŸ‘. It was fun following you as you travelled along. I really believe you have done a great job -good, good, good for you. Your pictures and notes have been just wonderful. Thank you for sharing your journey.


  3. Sleeping among seniors is a long night of trips to the bathroom! I can’t believe I am one of them. One trip to the bathroom deserves another!


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